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[SNP]Ceasr Vialpando


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I'm on it



For: dbrown486

Missions: Cesar Vialpando

Helper: Wolf68k

Link: What a wonderful click



* Saved in Verdant Bluff (even the FAQs say El Conora) with the Savana you got while doing the mission stored in the garage, but it is as-in I didn't do anything to trick it out...I'll leave it for you to do.

* Got a call from Cesar about a race which is marked just done the street, but you'll have to go back to the garage and trick out the ride.

* For the mission it self I didn't make any high bet on it, I left it at the $50 bet it starts with, so all you got is $100 for completely it. It's done and that's all you asked for.


* Kind of funny but we have mostly the same tats, pants, shirt, hat, and shades...I'm not sure about the shoes

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wolf beat me to it smile.gif - FiJiAn 4 LiFe











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