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The Guitarded Dude

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The Guitarded Dude

Okay i've just seen this movie. and it's f*cking amazing. from a directors point of view, i can imagine how many people will find it disturbing and vile. offensive really, however it's use of Noir and real time violence makes it all the more watchable and enjoyable. for all you sick f*cks out there, Monica Belluci gets raped, twice in the movie i think, and it's not a pretty sight. it doesnt "eroticize" rape. it shows it's a brutal twisted orccurance. so i wouldn't expect anyone to masturbate to this video.


on a happier note. the movie is seamlessly edited into about 20 or so scenes moving some as long as 16 and a half minutes, while some are about 3 or so minutes long.


there is one scene where a guy totally crushes another guys head with a fire extinguisher. another scene where a persons arm is broken not 3 inches away from the camera.


it's genius, but it's also horrible the first time you watch it, maybe i'm just a softie.


Clikk Mee Biotch


i'm surprised there isn't a thread already made for such a filmmaking masterpiece.



the director used dizzying camera angles and low fequency audio to make the audience nauseated to add to the physical feel of the movie as well as the visual.

what do you think about this movie? if you've seen it before? if not... then get to it. you may regret it, but most likely you'll love it -Regards, Guitard

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i fapped to it.










btw, AWESOME avatar. such a bitchin commercial. that was also pretty hardcore when the dude's face was caved in. almost looked like one shot, the way it was edited.


an excellent movie, that i bought for 5 dollars, that i will probably never, ever watch again.

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Yeah, I liked Irreversible a lot. It's amazing how much special effects they used in it, but you don't even really notice notice most of them while watching it, except for the obvious stuff like the fire extinguisher scene.


I thought his first feature was better, though. Seul Contre Tous. I've definatley got to get that DVD, but it's pretty rare and expensive. And the short film it followed, Carne, isn't even avaible with English subs (that I'm aware of). The first scene in Carne is of a horse getting slaughtered (for real). That pretty much sets the tone for Noé's films.


I've become quite a fan of Noé's. I can't wait to see his next film. There's not much info available about it, but that's okay. The only thing I've read about it was an article translated from French on his IMDB board. Or maybe someone just gave the gist of it. Whatever, I don't even need to know anything at all about it, I'd see it based purely on pedigree alone.

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