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Issue 3!__________________ 08/28/05







Article: 49er Dies


By: GTA3Rockstar
. He was 23.

Thomas Herrion, a 6-foot-3, 310-pound guard, was on the field for San Francisco's 14-play, 91-yard drive that ended with a touchdown with 2 seconds left.


According to a report posted on the San Francisco Chronicle's Web site, Herrion was seen walking off the field at the end of the game in seemingly good condition. He collapsed in the locker room a little before 11 p.m. local time, the report said.


Players had finished listening to coach Mike Nolan address them in a postgame meeting when Herrion collapsed. Medics administered CPR on him and took him to an ambulance that rushed him to a nearby hospital.


About three hours later, 49ers spokesman Aaron Salkin confirmed that Herrion had died. The cause of death was not immediately known.


"This is a colossal tragedy for the 49ers and the entire NFL community," Salkin said. "We still do not know all the details. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Herrion family."


The report by the Chronicle addd that Nolan informed Herrion's teammates at the airport, where they were preparing to depart for San Francisco.


The 49ers released this statement, which was obtained by the Chronicle:


"Thomas Herrion, a first-year guard on the 49ers, collapsed in the locker room following the game. He was immediately treated by team physicians, the medical staff and paramedics. He was then transported to St. Anthony's Central. We received word later that he passed away. This is a colossal tragedy for the 49ers and the entire NFL community. We still do not know all of the details. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Herrion family."


The death comes a little more than four years after offensive lineman Korey Stringer of the Minnesota Vikings died of heatstroke during a training camp practice on a day during which the heat index soared to 110.


Since Stringer's death, NFL teams have increased their efforts to teach players about hydration and how to manage the heat. They have been experimenting with sensors to measure players' core body temperatures, although those by themselves wouldn't be able to prevent a heat-related death.


Temperatures were in the mid-60s with 50 percent humidity Saturday night in Denver, although experts say heatstroke can occur even in cool conditions.


After the game, Nolan said he had no comments about San Francisco's 26-21 loss to the Broncos.


"There are more important things on our mind than the game," he said. "Right now, our thoughts and prayers are with Thomas Herrion."


Shortly after that statement, the Niners got dressed and boarded buses that took them to the Denver airport for their flight back to California.


"We didn't see anything happen," Niners defensive lineman Marques Douglas said. "I sat by my locker and prayed for him."


Herrion, a first-year player with the 49ers, played college football at Utah State University and spent part of last season on the San Francisco and Dallas practice squads and also played this season with the Hamburg Sea Dogs of NFL Europe.


Stringer's death was thought to be the first of its kind in the NFL. In 1979, St. Louis Cardinals tight end J.V. Cain died of a heart attack during training camp. Chuck Hughes, a wide receiver for the Detroit Lions, died of a heart attack Oct. 24, 1972, during a game in Detroit against the Chicago Bears.


In April, Arena Football League player Al Lucas of the Los Angeles Avengers died of a spinal-cord injury he endured while making a tackle.


Article: AFL Wrap-up: Teams Strive as We near the End
By: Monoxide
. This week football has been at it best in recent history. After the controversial press confrence with Grant Thomas last week the umpires pushed him nearer to the edge this week while helping the Dockers to a vital victory. Melbourne also may have revived there finals hopes with a thrilling 4 point win.


Match Summaries


Friday night

Fremantle 12. 8. (80) def. St Kilda 11. 9. (75)

Subiaco Oval 6:40 PM AWST


A well rounded game despite some questionable umpiring an a purely inspirational performance by the Fremantle Docker to finish 5 points up in this Friday night blockbuster. St Kilda's upset further worsened by injurise to several key players.

Players of the Game: Luke McPharlin*, Matthew Pavlich, Paul Hasleby.



Geelong 16. 13. (109) def. West Coast Eagles 5. 3. (33)

Skilled Stadium 2:10 PM AEST


Some may say an upset but I tipped it. Coming of a loss to Melbourne last week Geelong were back at home and all fired up putting the Eagles away early in the game and finally achieving a 76 point victory. Geelong fans looked on with gleeming eyes as Nathen Ablett booted his first kick that ended up a goal and probebly took man of the match with 3 goals after that.

Players of the Game:Nathen Ablett*, Jimmy Bartell, James Kelly.


Adelaide 22. 19. (151) def. Collingwood 5. 11. (41) at AAMI Stadium 2:10 PM ACST


No big surprise here Elite interstate team taking advantage of a struggling Collingwood side. Trent Hentschel booted 5 goals to inspire the 110 point win Adelaides biggest ever winning margin maybe its time for Collingwood pres Eddie Maguire to reasses Mick Malthouse as head coach.

Players of the Game: Trent Hentschel, Tyson Edwards*, Ian Perrie.


Brisbane Lions 7. 9. (51) def. by Port Adelaide 11. 15. (81) at Gabba 7:10 PM AEST


The grand final rematch proved to be no big deal for Port Adelaide in its 30 point win over the Lions. Port led the entire game despite a particularly impressive performance from team captain Michael Voss gathering 35 possesions.

Players of the Game: Shaun Burgoyne, Chad Cornes, Michael Voss*


Mono's Match of the Round

Melbourne 16. 13. (109) def. Western Bulldogs 16. 9. (105) at M.C.G. 7:10 PM AEST


They were down out and written of in the minds of most even there fans gave them no chance but a defiant Melbourne team led an inspirational victory over the most skillful side in the competition without looking back. Russel Robertson booting 6 goals to keep the Dees alive and continue his unbeleivable form. While Jeff White booted the winning goal with 40 seconds to go on the clock. Scott west picked up 27 disposals to further make an impact on Brownlow bidding for 2005.

Players of the Game: Scott West, Jeff White, Russel Robertson*



Sydney Swans 15. 11. (101) def. Kangaroos 9. 10. (64) at S.C.G. 1:10 PM AEST


The Swans confimed they are serios contenders for the flag in '05' with a 37 point win over the Kangaroos on Sunday. My former football coach Nick Davis made quite an impact with 5 goals to his name whilst for the Kangaroos Shannon Grant welived his pre season excellence with 4 goals kicked. Sydney is looking dangerous for this years finals after being written off earlier in the season.

Players of the Game: Nick Davis, Brett Kirk, Ben Matthews*.



Essendon 28. 14. (182) def. Carlton 11. 17. (83) at M.C.G. 2:10 PM AEST


Essondons 99 point decemation of Carlton became all too familiar for Blues fans. The bombers had 10 different goal scrores Matthew Lloyd leading the count with 7 followed closly by 6. It would seem the bombers are back to their form of 2000, but then again they were facing the Blues. It wasnt all bad for the Blues an old favourite Scott Camporeale racked up 31 possesions only to be matched by Jason Johnson at his best.

Players of the Game: Scott Camporeale, Jason Johnson*, Matthew Lloyd.


Richmond 20. 17. (137) def. Hawthorn 21. 7. (133) at Telstra Dome 2:10 PM AEST


Another great game for the round despite the scoreboard I beleive this was Hawthorns game. They fought hard throughout the match and were pipped in the dying seconds. Ben Dixon booted 5 in this nail bitting classic and Hawthorn finished with 6 multiple goal scorers. Shane Tuck played a great game for Richmond after there was talk about him possibly being dropped last week.

Players of the Game: Shane Tuck*, Ben Dixon, Luke Hodge.


Mono's Moment of the round: Luke McPharlin diving over a four man pack to take a spectacular mark and a sure kick at goal. Then seeing McPharlin, Farmer and teammates jump into the crowd of mad Dockers supporters well done Freo.


Article: Viera-less Gunners Lose Early Battle of the Titans
By: Cuse510
. Although it was only Week 2, the match between Arsenal and Chelsea was huge for both teams. They are the last two Premiership winners, Arsenal going unbeaten in 2003-04 and Chelsea running away with it last year. Both figured to be title contenders this year, and a victory in this game would not only give them three points, but set one of their main rivals back. However, Arsenal were not the team they were the past year, mainly because they lost captain and talented midfielder Patrick Viera. In his place started 18 year old Cesc Fabregas, and striker Thierry Henry was wearing the captain’s armband.


Arsenal did not play very well, and lost Freddie Ljungberg to injury early, but the score was 0-0 at halftime. Despite having very few chances, it looked as the they would escape with a draw. However, that all changed when Chelsea received a free kick in the 73rd minute. Frank Lampard pumped the ball into the center and Didier Drogba raced Arsenal defender Philippe Senderos for it. Drogba tried to control it, but the ball hit off his knee and rolled towards the goal. Jens Lehmann was caught off guard and the ball rolled past him into the net. Arsenal would not get a great chance to equal the score because Chelsea packed in their defense. The game ended 1-0.


While many people seem to think that the game should have been a draw, I disagree. Yes, the Drogba goal was a fluke, but really Chelsea deserved it. They were dangerous the whole game, where as Arsenal looked lethargic. Henry really did not look dangerous, and that is rare for him. This game shows how truly important Patrick Viera was to the team. They just seemed helpless without him. Although, one positive thing that Arsenal can take from this is the play of recent signee Alexander Hleb. He did not seem nervous for this big match and made some nice runs and passes. I think he can be a good player for Arsenal in the future.


While this game was very important, I hope Arsenal can bounce back. It is still very early in the season, and they still have another game with Chelsea and two with Man. U. As of now though, they are showing how much they miss Viera.


Article: More NBA Off-season Movement
By: Nate Baker1
. Big trading news this week. Well the signing of Shareef Abdur-Rahim by the Nets was withdrawn due to questions involving his physical examination. Nets President Rod Horn said., “We were anticipating adding Shareef to our roster, However, during the course of his normal physical examination, some questions arose that gave us cause for concern. After consulting with several noted specialists, we feel that rescinding the trade is our best course of action. We will now look in other directions for ways to improve our team for the upcoming season.”


Also the latest on the Joe Johnson trade. Johnson has finally been traded to the Hawks by the Suns. The trade has been ongoing for weeks but has hit snags along the way involving one of the former owners of the Hawks. Johnson was finally traded to the Hawks for Boris Diaw and two first round picks. Along with Boris Diaw comes Forward Brian Grant and Pat Burke. These acquisitions will add some inside presence and some ok backups for Thomas and Stoudemire. Suns have also acquired James Jones from the pacers in a sign and trade deal for the 2008 draft pick.


Also another small signing involded Doug Christie signing with the Mavericks. Christie gives the Mavs a great defensive minded guard to the team. All though he was injured for a lot of games last season. We will have to see how this works for the Mavs.


Some smaller signs include Derek Anderson signed by the Rockets, Charlotte resigned Brevin Knight, Chicago resigned Othella Harrington, and Vitaly Potapenko resigned with Seattle.

Article: Huggins Resigns from Cincy Job
By: Cuse510
. Bob Huggins, who had coached the Cincinnati Bearcats for the past 16 years, resigned on Wednesday after being given an ultimatum by the school: He could either quit, or be fired. During his time as coach, he lead his team to 14 consecutive NCAA Tournament appearances and one Final 4. However, the teams was marred by constant let-downs and off-court problems from both the players and Huggins.


Under Huggins, many players were arrested or academically ineligible to play. While this is not completely Huggins’ fault, he is partially to blame. In fact, in 1998, the NCAA took away three scholarships from Cincinnati and placed them on probation for two years, “concluding there was a lack of institutional control over Huggins' program.” In recent years, the Bearcats have come to be known as the “Trailblazers of the NCAA,” a dubious distinction to say the least. It was not only Huggins’ players, but himself. He was arrested for drunken driving on June 7, 2004.


In more recent years, the Bearcats have also been underachievers. They always seem to lose to teams that you would never expect them to lose to, and have become an “upset special” pick for people in NCAA Tournament pools (not to upset anyone, to be upset.) Personally, I have seen many DePaul-Cincinnati games, and although the Bearcats almost always have more talent, they can never beat DePaul (at least at the All-State Arena.)


I think this firing is a positive for the University of Cincinnati. With a new coach who will undoubtedly be more strict about off-court problems, the players will be less likely to stay in trouble. And maybe having a coach who isn’t yelling and screaming all the time will help them keep their composure and win the close games. The main thing though is to provide a role model for the players. Most of them will not play in the NBA, and even those who do should stay out of trouble. I believe this coaching change will have benefits both for Cincinnati’s basketball record, and their reputation.


Article: Paul Thompson over Rhett Bomar for Sooners
By: D Jones

We felt as a staff we're going to start Thompson


Junior QB Paul Thompson wins QB postion over Sophmore and future star Rhett Bomar.


In three of the pre-season games OU Sooners had, Paul Thomspon was 41-73 for 453 yards, 2 TD's and No INTS.


Paul Thompson has been a back-up for the past 4 years, backing up Nate Hybl and recently retired and OU legend Jason White.


Paul Thompson is going to be a great QB, not NFL material IMO. He has speed, but I think if he works on his arm, he will be a excellent QB. He rushed for 183 yards on 25 carries in 2004. Some fans wanted him to play in the '04 National Title game against LSU, which LSU's defense was pressuring White every play. He hasn't ever started a game, and that might be a factor.


Paul Thompson, the 6'4'' 208 beat out the 6'4'' 208 Bomar in a close battle. With closing statements from Stoops.



We feel that he has earned it to this point.




D Jones
Nate Baker1
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I'm sorry, I didn't have time to thouroghly (sp?) edit this issue. I ended up being sort of busy today and we had to put in some last minute articles, so please excuse any errors. Hope you enjoy smile.gif


About the Arsenal article: Same thing with the rugby article last week. I'm not very qualified for writing about European Soccer and Rugby, because obviously I'm not as knowledgable about those sports as many other people here are. But I figured I should at least give it an effort because no one else has turned in a soccer/football article. So basically, I'm sorry if the Arsenal article is not very good...


As always, comments and suggestions are welcome.

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Technical Difficulty
Okay, since I started football a week ago, I won't have the time to make articles. Sorry guys. I'm gonna have to bail out. Find someone else for my NFL spot.
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Okay, since I started football a week ago, I won't have the time to make articles. Sorry guys. I'm gonna have to bail out. Find someone else for my NFL spot.

That's ok. If you have time and you want to you can still write occasional articles. You don't have to though...


Also, these types of posts should probably go in the Front Office. This thread should mainly be used to discuss the issue.

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I liked this issue. Great job to all the writers.


And we can move StallionGT to the NFL position because we have 2 NASCAR writers. He said he wanted to write about either the NFL or NASCAR. This way everyone will be happy.

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Sweet smile.gif .


I did have to turn my paper in a bit late, but that's is what I could come up with at this time.


Note: Read the front office page. If you don't write an article and show us your activeness, you won't be known as a staff member.

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This is sort of disheartening. Either the people who read this issue didn't care about it at all or nobody read it besides the writers sad.gif . Please, let us know your thoughts on the paper. We are trying to make it better but we can't make it much better if we don't know what the readers want. And if nobody cares about the paper, then I suppose there is not much point in making it and putting work in for it...
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I liked it, but we need more advertisements to get people in the sports section not many people are active in there sports section. Make a sig that people will see and will come to the sports weekly, I'm sure that will help some.


BTW, again, I am sorry about the article delay, it has been a hard couple weeks, with school starting etc... VERY BUSY. Now that I think I've been moved to the NFL section, I will make a report about that as soon as I can. - Stallion GT

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Yeah I guess a littel side sig or something could work.


BTW I am getting tons of tarea also so yeah I can be swamped a lot. Especially since its junior year dozingoff.gif

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Yeah I guess a littel side sig or something could work.


BTW I am getting tons of tarea also so yeah I can be swamped a lot. Especially since its junior year  dozingoff.gif

Yeah, I knew it would get a lot tougher when school started for everyone. If you guys want to go bi-weekly instead of weekly, I'd be open to that.


Also, we should try to see how many people actually care. Maybe ask a mod to make a poll. Because I'm not sure if all of you guys want to continue to put time and effort into this thing if no one is going to read it...


Sorry to be a downer, but I had higher expectations for SW. I think it is going pretty well, but we can't force people to read it sad.gif (or can we... ph34r.gif )



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I like it. But There isn't any headlines for tennis when U.S. open started.... maybe I could help? smile.gif
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I like it. But There isn't any headlines for tennis when U.S. open started.... maybe I could help? smile.gif

Sure, it'd be great to have some tennis articles.

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Give us an article for the next issue and we will add you smile.gif .


And like Cuse said, just comment on something, give us good or bad feedback because we need it to make you guys like it more.

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Guys I swear I will have something in by this weekend. Things have kinda calmed down a little bit and I have found my study groove. So I will have somthing about the playof races this week.
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As of right now yes. If we don't get enough articles though we might change it to a bi-weekly paper.
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I have an idea for an article for the next few weeks


"Australia bent over and assraped by dirty England tactics. Ashes rubbed into wounds"

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Hey if someone didnt have an idea about this yet, someone could do an article about the hurricane and the atheletes helping out.
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I'll do it. We have been convering it all week in Current Events class.
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