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Storyline in LCS? Doubtful


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I don't think that there will be a series of missions to lead to other missions like in GTA3/VC/SA. I think that this will be more unlinear like GTA/GTA2 where it is jammed packed full of side-missions (Thus a collection of "Stories") for a lot of different characters, and storyline would be kept to a minimum (Key events, Unlock Islands, Late Mafia Jobs, Paulie's Revue Bar, etc.), and other than that would be like the Bitch'n Dog Food missions.

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I dont think its gonna be like u said its gonna be like GTA3, VC, SA.


Anyways is that just a guess, opinion or you heard or read somewhere?

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That is an interesting theory. It would explain the name. However, I'd prefer it to be more like Vice. In fact, Vice City gameplay set in Liberty would be ideal for me.

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