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I am sure I saw simillar topic here, but I couldn't find it so here it is. I need some help. How can I make back or both whells on hotknife wider? How can I do it for any vehicle manipulating vehicles.ide. Also can someone explaing what the last RED BOLDED numbers do?




434, hotknife, hotknife, car, HOTKNIFE, HOTKNIF, null, executive, 4, 0, 0, -1, 0.72, 0.8, -1



Thanks a lot!!!

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Remove those hyphens, they make the page have a horizontal scrollbar.


he first three values are in the comment which goes across the top of the file, things like CompRules and weird stuff like that. After that is the wheel model and then front wheel scale with the rear wheel scale after that. This allows front wheels to be a different size to the rear wheels, such as the Hotknife you have shown here. 0.72 is the front wheel size. 0.8 is the rear wheel size.


To make them wider without changing the height, you must use the handling.cfg file. I recommend using my CFG Studio program because it makes editing flag really easy and it won't mess up your files like most other programs do.


In the ModelFlags setting are some flags called WHEEL_F_WIDE and WHEEL_F_WIDE2. There are also flags called WHEEL_R_WIDE and WHEEL_R_WIDE2. These make either the wheels wider than normal, the _WIDE2 flags having a bigger effect than the _WIDE ones. There are flags with _NARROW and _NARROW2 to make them a bit narrower or a lot narrower.

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