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[SNP] Key To Her Heart - Hot Coffee modded

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You just have to date her, thats all?!?

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the problem with this one is it has got hot coffee. so when you start the mission and get to millies house in a gimp suit, you have to please her by spanking her and that is really really hard. i was never able to do that


- FiJiAn 4 LiFe

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Successful Fix


Have to use the Hot coffee mods script, but by using the sacensor.exe program that is included with some versions I was able to turn the censorship back on even with the mod in place.


Now you have the choice of using sacensor on your own save game and playing the mission out or use the save I've completed and uploaded below.

Edited by Rob1165

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For: Kooldude1411

Missions: Key to her heart

Helper: Rob1165

Link: http://bluehydraro.hostnmore.com/samutz/sa...4d62c3610844b7a


Notes: Saved back at the Goldern Dragon Casino. Have the keycard (Millie's at 100%). Your hot coffee status is turned off and so you will only get the 'outside' coffee action scene (use sacensor.exe to turn it back on if you want). You will have to continue to use the hot coffee modded script to continue to play the saved game.


PS: Do not use the new Cold Coffee patch from Rockstar or else your savegames will not load and you will have to start your game over.

Edited by Rob1165
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Thanks Rob1165 thank u very very much for completing the mission.

i really appreciate ur work. thanks once again.

It's working great















Edited by Plaka

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