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Rcon DLLs


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spookie has compiled some helpful DLLs which allow you to use the Rcon functions within your own applications. We have included examples to show how these DLLs should be used within each package.



mIRC version

(Includes example echo script)

VB Version
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Just wanted to make a few suggestions about mirc rcon plug in.


1.We need a way to get player's ip easy.

2.Admin send chat/message's into game.

3.Player private messages.


Just a few i could think of atm.


Also got some problems with current ver, players and cmdlist (rcon command) don't seem to work at all.


Heres a pic of Admin panel i started making but with current bugs (if you kick someone at player selection the server crashes) isn't really any use to anybody yet.


Pic of Admin Panel




P.S I am trying to get a Decent Aussie server going too...

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1.We need a way to get player's ip easy.

Here's how I parse the player list (and get IPs easily):



alias rcon.output { if ($1 == [join]) {   .signal vcmp.join $2- } elseif ($1 == [chat]) {   if (!* iswm $3-) {     .signal vcmp.command $left($2,-1) $3-   }   else {     .signal vcmp.chat $left($2,-1) $3-   } } elseif ($1 == [part]) {   .signal vcmp.part $2- } elseif ($1 == [death]) {   .signal vcmp.death $vcmp.getdeathinfo($2).name $vcmp.getdeathinfo($2).id } elseif ($1 == [kill]) {   .signal vcmp.kill $vcmp.getdeathinfo($2).name $vcmp.getdeathinfo($2).id $vcmp.getdeathinfo($4).name $vcmp.getdeathinfo($4).id } elseif ($str($chr(42),3) Remote console connected* iswm $1-) {   .signal vcmp.connected $1- } else {   .signal vcmp.output $1- }}alias vcmp.command { if ($1 == players) { write -c vcmp.players.txt } dll %vcmp.path RconCommand $1-}on *:SIGNAL:vcmp.output:{ if ($+(*,$chr(9),*,$chr(9),$chr(9),*) iswm $1-) {   if ($gettok($1-,1,9) isnum) {     tokenize 9 $1-     write vcmp.players.txt $1-   } }}alias vcmp.ip { if ($1 isnum) { tokenize 32 $read(vcmp.players.txt,nw,$1 *) } else { tokenize 32 $read(vcmp.players.txt,nw,* * $+ $1 $+ * *) } !return $gettok($3,1,58)}on *:SIGNAL:vcmp.connected:{ vcmp.command players}on *:SIGNAL:vcmp.join:{ vcmp.command players}on *:SIGNAL:vcmp.part:{ vcmp.command players}



Merge it with the example code from above and use $vcmp.ip(NAME or ID)

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they are broken.

They'll be moved accross to the new domain if you throw things at Mike often enough.

adam broke it.

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