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I cant connect to a Server (NO PORT PROBLEM)


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I cant connect to 90% of all servers. Its not a router problem or firewall, because the other 10% got the same port like the 90% wich doesnt work


I allredy maked the port forwarding for ports 5192-5199.


Wtf can i do?

Can you give me a tool like a port checker?


I hope you can understand my english confused.gif


[EDIT] I got the same problem with a 2003 port, one server works with that port, and one doesnt work!

Maybe it is a problem, because i live in germany? or the VCMP doesnt work with German VC?

I got original, but that doesnt work, and now i got a cracked english gta-vc.exe and that works confused.gif


But that doesnt fix the server problem confused.gif

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the port scanner said me, that its not easy to hack me, and now confused.gif


but i cant see infos in my setup Oo

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