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I need some more help


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i have made a mission where u have to take the cars to a location and then they spawn in my show room i have done all i now and compile then when i go on new game when it fully loads and the man appears the game crashes can anyone help

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Other than to say something's faulty with your code, nope. What happened when your code was in a stripped SCM? For that matter, where is your code?
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yes i got the original main.scm to work so im adding my mission to that the mission quit big and theres quit alot to it but i think i now what the problem is what integer values and floating-point values because i think ive got to add them. thanks for all the help.

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@Carmo: we need your code if we should tell you where the problem is ....


EDIT:\\ sry i saw that you've already fixed it


--- greetz ---


Edited by MadHacker04
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All the garages are established in the beginning of code. You should check it out to see how. A garage as far as code is concerned is merely a cube with special attributes. In terms of a garage you store vehicles in, its attribute is that it will record the last 4 vehicles deposited in it and recreate them when you approach them.


In game, these cubes are contained by what we would call a garage. The door opens when you get near because that map object is established in the EXE as a garage door. So if you wanted to add a garage (and VC could only have one more from the original amount), it would have to be an existing one, OR it would have to be one with a garage door whose map name is identical to one of the existing garages. I do NOT know if duplicates can exist. OR you can just establish a cube in an open parking lot. Of course doing it this way looks odd because the vehicles only appear when the game believes the would be garage door should be open. With a little bid of coding, you could force the issue under such circumstances by using the open garage and close garage commands (0360 and 0361).

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