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Mission attempts/completed, a solution


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The incorrect recording of the Mission attempts/completed stat has been reported already ... where you are not credited with completing all missions even though you have.


I tried everything to correct it, in game-play not by using Mods or cheats etc. Anyway I have discovered that the stats are corrected during the Countryside Missions !


Last Mission completed "Are You Going To San Fierro" - stats show 41 attempted - 41 completed. The STATS.


I have done the Countryside Missions several times checking after each Mission to see where/when the Stats are corrected, the hinge seems to be "King In Exile" when I played and let the cut-scene play out I arrived in SF with 41/41 ... if I hit the end cut-scene key I would arrive at SF 41/40. I have no idea why this should happen ... the Stats are corrected after "Farewell My Love" and show 40/40.



1 Save after arriving in Countryside, then again after arriving in SF.

All Countryside Missions completed 1st time

No Busted/Wasted

No Cheats etc used.


Just some useless information that I noticed cool.gif maybe its been reported before, I searched the Forum's but found nothing similar. biggrin.gif

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I have experienced this too but, I didn't know it was corrected than. cool.gif

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Missions passed/attemts are not required for 100% completion so i didn't pay attention to that and I have seen only a topic of this here asking why the hell that happens but noone posted a solution for that they just talk about it.

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I know that its not required for 100% it's just damn irritating when you Pass all Missions but the Stats are incorrectly recorded.


Continuing with the same Game as above with 41/41 in San Fierro I've finished the Desert Missions with 80/77 !!! this Glitch seems never-ending.


Another time I'll try to find what goes wrong and when in SF ....

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