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make all girls hookers


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Has anyone tried to make a mod to script all females in the game to act like the hookers? I know I've wanted to pick up some of those beachbabes and I'm sure I can convince them if I just pay them enough wink.gif

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If you aren't afraid of cheating, there's a code to make CJ a skank-magnet. Type in BEKKNQV during gameply. Also, type LIFESABEACH to change peds into beach people. if you just want chicks to ride with (but not put out), you can recruit anyone to be in your gang by typing SJMAHPE (for use with the 9mm) or ROCKETMAYHEM (use with rocket launcher). Of course, if you are cheat-phobic, then don't bother with any of these codes.

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What he said. There's a streetwalker/prozzie property inherited in the ped data file, check in there and see what sticks. That will likely be your best bet, and could be pretty straightforward.


lmfao@ thread title though.



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