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I'm doing a site for the family buisiness. I have been programming PHP, HTML, CSS and heaps more for a few years now... I was looking for some free e-commerce that can be fully integrated into a site design without alot of hassle. I have looked at OS Commerce and Zen Cart but they act as a redundant portal which i don't want. I want an admin cpanel aswell. I know i'm asking for alot... but can anyone suggest anysoftware they have seen that accepts most common payment gateways?


EDIT: I forgot to mention it needs to be linux based and support SSL.... Thanks

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I am not entirely sure what you're asking for ( your describtion is rather sloopy ), but are you asking for something that can control your site?


Like the forums for GTAForums? Something premade?


Wouldn't it be cooler if you coded it yourself?

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His description isn't really at all sloppy Svip. He wants an online shopping site system basically, not that hard to understand. In addition, if he wanted to code one of those by himself he'd need a lot of spare time, it's not a small task that you can do in a day.


You've covered the only two I've ever looked at and they obviously don't meet your needs, so I can't really help you. From what I have heard, OS Commerce isn't the most efficient thing in the world either, but I may be wrong there.

adam broke it.

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