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Catching fire in firefighter mission without fire!


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Man, ist that tannoying when you try missions again and again because always something stupid happens! I did the firefighter mission and was at level 8, just driving on a normal road towards the next fires to extinguish, when all of a sudden I caught fire sitting in the firetruck! Instinctively I exited the vehicle, and of course no message to re-enter the vehicle in 20 seconds, no, the mission was over. Because that stupid game wanted it so. mad.gif


Do you know this bug? How did it happen? How can I avoid it?

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biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif One of those F moments eh? biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif Maybe you're too hot to handle that's why biggrin.gif

Never happende to me. Maybe not yet rolleyes.gif

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Never heard of it, must be a new glicht. Check the trobleshooting/glicht Forum for a possible solution if the solution even exists.

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