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What graphical options do you use (eg. draw distance amount, frame sync, resolution, trails, etc.)




Draw distance: lowest

Trails: off

Frame sync: off

Frame limiter: on

Resolution: 640x480



What do you use and what FPS do you get?

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If you're getting 3 FPS, turning frame limiter off will help. Also, if you're using 32 bit color depth, making it 16 instead will also help.


I have a Radeon 9700 Pro (that I think is dieing actually). I use no trails, max draw distance, 1024x768x16, frame sync on (everybody should), frame limiter on, 4x antialiasing, 4x anisotropic filtering.


FPS? I wouldn't know. I'm more interested in game delivery than a number. With the exception of central Staunton, I never experience a hiccup. That's not video settings though, it's hard drive because it didn't happen when I was using SCSI. When I use dual output to my VCR for recording, I have to turn draw distance down or else it DOES begin to get choppy.

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