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Bear Man

uzi 9mm

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Bear Man is a good new MC you have to hear.


If you go on the homepage the mixtape automatically loads up and you can hear what they are saying. The video is worth watching. I know it's music, but I put it here because it's funny to watch, so it's more like comedy.


Bear Man Video: Drinking Beer: http://www.rwdmag.com/music/view.ph...=0&id=0&idt=117


Hear for yourself.




To hear actual tunes they've made go on tunes, the good one's are bear and fenders Viagra Riddem, so is Swingers.


These lyrics are ghetto'd out, make's Jay Z look bad, nah I'm playing, but still, it's sick.


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yeah, i seen his vid on channel u.


i think his pretty good. But then again, im not really into the grime scene. But that must mean his good though because i only listen to MC's that keep me entertained. Also i prefer this type of grime, as opposed to them little fake pricks screaming about guns n sh*t for a whole set, waste of f*cking time if you ask me.

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To be honest I ain't into it that much myself, but I like a good selection of grime tunes, and I'm an MC myself so I can relate to the music.


True, the little sh*ts who go on about their 9 milli's and Shotguns think they are ghetto but they are just dumb, this song is different though, since no other MC's really chat about drinking beer this tune's unique. That's why I like it.


For anyone not from the UK, grime music is a lot like Crunk music, it's very similar, with the same type of beat in the background at the same tempo too.

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Makaveli Tha Don

I'm loving the grime scene at the moment. The whole Boy Better Know movement is sick. I can't wait for Skepta's album, he's my favourite MC right now, gwan then gwan then!!!

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