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Desert Outlander Skin pack


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Its me again, I've been busy working on this pack lately, I always wanted to make a skin like this since I knew that San Andreas had a desert and well, I have made one now, as it says I made this 100% scratch in Adobe Photoshop 7.


I'm uploading it at Gta Garage, so it should be up soon if they decide to let it be up for download.


Here is a pic of my best skin ever smile.gif Sorry if its too big for your liking sarcasm.gif

user posted image


Thanks to ImageShack for Free Image Hosting


And here is the download link, if you can't download it it means that the administrators at the site haven't approved it yet, so just be patient!

Here is the link



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Is the Preview pic big enough LOL Looks really great dude Youve done a great job keep it up m8
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Thanks for the positive feedback guys, it is much appreciated.

@ Tartey, no these are the biker boots from victim.


@ Fireman, the file is uploaded now! So its downloadable now smile.gif


Once again thanks for the postive feedback, I plan to make 2 more skin packs : Duke Nukem, and Freddy Krueger.




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how about to make that rebel turab compleate with the rags on the face it will give it a more rebelish feel


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Thats kinda too much....How should I put this, 'Middle Eastern' and any way it would look silly because the rags would look tight as it would go on the model of C.J's face and take the facial structure of him.
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yeah but it would look kool my crazy rambo rebelish cj looks like this if anybodywants it



chains-ears necklase[my own creation]

hat-red berate-pro laps

pants-urban camo-binco

shoes-bikers boots-victim

shades-sun glases-pro laps


it gives your cj perfekt mad sargent rebel leader look

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