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gta vice city wont load


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hi i use to play this game and i beat it i got bored so i tried some editting program to get new levels but after i changed some setting i kept getting this message Unhandled exeption: c0000005 at address: 004bb557

after it loaded all the way. I know alot of people here get "Unhandled exeption: c0000005" but i dont see people get this one "At address: 004bb557" so i just wanna ask how do i fix it i tried using that patch 1.1 but it says unknown version i directed it to my folder please help thanks




its a real version game!

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If it's the real game, then you're using a noCD crack anyways. Otherwise, you wouldn't be receiving the incorrect version message.


Also, unhandled exception at ANYTHING is a generic code. Translated: your program crashed. Even Microsoft and R* working together would not be able to address that issue it's that generic.


So let's focus on the cause. They only real info you gave us is that it worked before, you modded the game, and now it doesn't work. So the obviously easy answer would be to reinstall the game. Most likely though, there's a simpler solution. I don't know what "get new levels" means, but if it's JUST a script mod, then your issue is that you're loading a savegame from the original game with the modded SCM. This will never work.


Regardless, you should have posted this in the mod troubleshooting section. Let me know.

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