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Recommended Posts

Ha, spunk, anyway, I'm making another one of my ub3r wicked shizzles as we speak. Oh yeah, I got Photoshop... again.


Anywho, my pic (tadadadaaa)....


user posted image


Hint: It's Tony Blair, being chased by a mob of... people. Bless.


Oh yeah, he has an afro.

Edited by Carrotfoot
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51L3N7 4554551N
OOps, double post sorry, is there a delete function?

Not unless your a mod tounge.gif


Indeed Ottae, you have some rather masterful skills, keep it up smile.gif

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I posted this in another thread but i figured id put it here too, since its photoshop.


user posted image


P.S. Credit to imut_knight for the original screeny.

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Thanks guys, somebody suggested to send the dildo-lovin cop pic to J.T. and that gave me the idea.

I love the shocked look on his face lol.

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  • 6 months later...

I miss this topic. With the newest image tools being out, I figure we can all have another go. Here's one of CJ jumping from his jet with a 20 inch bike.


user posted image

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I loved looking at this thread, glad it's back. When I get my new video card and SA reinstalled, I will so go to work on this.


Nice stuff guys.

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Continuing with my food/drink theme:

user posted image


Don't mess with the Sprunk! That UFO looks great btw.


@ - original gangster: I will never spell Sprunk wrong.

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Totally off topic; Hey Fireman, I haven't seen you in forever! How you been?


Back on topic, I should have something to post later on. That HPV1000 with NOS is tops.

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Totall offtopic: I also haven't seen you in ages.. fireman. -waves- icon14.gif


Nice username Bryce.. see you got rid of all those numbers and letters. Now I need to do the same.. xD




Totally ontopic:... erm, ... I guess I just wanted to say the above. blush.gif

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Uber totally off-topic:

Since when was I gone again? Or were you gone?

Nice to see you again anyway tounge.gif and I'm pretty good actually.



If you can't beat them, join them!


This reminds me of Gangland!



HOLD IT!!! I just noticed something! Damn admins/moderator or whoever changed my exit wrap thingy!!!!

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