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Recommended Posts

Hello everyone,


What do you have to do?...


step 1. Make a screenshot of a gta ingame moment.

step 2. Edit this screen with a program like paint

step 3. Try to make it as original and funny as possible



- Don't make it too realistic because people might use it for other goals..


List of screens


By Onanist

picture 1

picture 2


by Ottae

picture 1

Edited by Vayne
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didn't you just post this and it got Locked, then why make another one?

No.. stopped that myself this 1 is different.. a whole different idea

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Sorry if I am ruining all the fun but I don't think this is such a good idea. A bunch of people will see the altered pics and be like "OMFG LMAO!! R U SERIOUZ? NAWSS ON A BIKE! LETS GO ANNYOY EVERY1 AND TEL THEM THEY ARE REAL! lol". And then a whole big thing just like bigfoot will start (well not quite as big) and everything will end. Or I could just be rambling on about something stupid that may never happen. Who knows. biggrin.gif

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yeah, but he should have used something like [sarcasm] dood, check out teh haxor that m0Dd3d teh BmX[/sarcasm]. It is hard for someone to try to figure out what the person intended with their post.



I think this is a cool topic, and I'll try to think of something cool to try to photoshop biggrin.gif

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Yeah, no difference, go away.

man calm down,


that first topic was about faking a screen as realistic as possible about a rumour or myth, but that idea would make a lot of mess because people pretend the've seen things we make and create chaos on other forums. This idea won't mess up anything..!!


I tried to change the idea...!! Got it?



By the way... Good work ottae! colgate.gif i placed it on the list!

Edited by Vayne
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What they should do is like right the word FAKE THE SHOT or something on it a couple of times so if anyone does look at it and think hey you can get Nos on a bike oh wait its just a photo shopped picture and hopefully they dont go messin around.

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Good idea eminem_100. I don't see why they locked your other topic. I mean if someone did take one of the pics someone made and said it was real, the original pic would still be on this site and if its in this topic we know its fake.

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