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Railroad ideas, etc.,


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Alright, when you or an oncoming train comes near a crossing, the red flashing lights and traffic blocker thing come down way too late. Is there anyway to change it so that when you are near the crossing, it is already down? Anyway to make it work better? Like only after the train's last car passes does the thing lift back up? (achieved through some kind of sensors?)


Also, a small idea that could be successful: New train tracks that go to other places, the ability to be instantly transported to a station (next station or a station from a menu) after walking into a red marker of a train that has stopped at the station. (there could be a small fee), an elevated train that goes around a certain area (your choice where)(like the subway was in the first island in gta3), ability to switch tracks with the press of a button or sequence of buttons.


Other ideas: Creating a system of underground roads, like under mount chilidad, to get to places faster (kind of like in gta3), Toll booths like the ones near the golden gate bridge (big red one in san fiero) at other bridges and to charge a $1 fee for crossing. Car stops and honks to lift the toll blocker and pay $1 fee. If a car breaks the thing by flying through it, 1 star, for evading the tolls etc.,


The top idea is all I care about. The rest are just random ideas that I have thought of along the way.

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