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Jo Homies where is that damn Ammu Nations?


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Jo i'm looking for that damn ammu nations shop or what ever the hell it is but i cant find it.

Can anybody tell me the district or street?

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Why are you talking like a Gangster? Just talk normaly, then I may just think your normal.


Hint: Use SAM to find anything!


Hint number 2: Use GOOGLE to find out what SAM is


Hint number 3: Try Putting the name of the game in front of the google search when searhing for SAM


Hint Number 4: Stop talking like a Gangster

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If it's early in the game, you might not be able to go to Ammu-nation, but only Emmet's.


Later, Ammu-nation will show up as a pistol on the map, as stated above.


Or, use SAM (requires Java) from www.gtasanandreas.net/sam .

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