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I've reinstalled GTAIII on my computer and i'm trying to figure out how to make custom VC cars compatible with GTAIII.


To see if the .txd can work in GTAIII i use GTAIII TXD tool 1.1 (very old school, feb 2003) and this is what i got so far:


- cars which are both III and VC compatible (the reflection from VC txd is unused, the car is using the one from particle.txd)


- cars which .txd is compatible III but .dff isn't (to make it work: open .dff in zmod and save as GTAIII type .dff file - if you run the car in VC the reflection map would be disabled)


- cars which are both .txd and .dff non compatible with III.


My question: is there an easy way to make the car GTAIII compatible (without retexturing the whole 3d model?)

Signature soon.

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