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should a vc-mp sever cost less than an mta one?


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well im about to get a server for vc-mp (obviously after .1b is released)

the server company im thining of usin has based the price on mta

ie how much cpu power it uses and how much bandwidth


is it the same as mta? higher or lower?

i just dont want to get my pants pulled down over the price


if ay1 knows the answer to this it would be greatly appreciated



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Im in Server sales/Server manager of a company and we charge the same as a mta server. We charge 50p per player slot,

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i think we may have a deal


what site is it?


i dont want to ask too many questions about it here cos it aint the right place but ill send ya an email with what im after


give us a price and we may be in buisness

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As far as I know, it uses less bandwith and less cpu than an MTA server.

By what Nutz is telling me, it uses lots less...


When 26 people are in a server Nutz says that he gets little to none CPU usage (0.0 is what he's telling me wow.gif)

And he gets 6.0-7.0 MPbs in from his MTA server, whilst he only gets 1.5 MPbs in from the VC-MP server.


...And this is when about 26 people are in the server, which is 100 MBit.

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