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goatee/beard with other hairstyles?


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is it me or is the goatee/beard only available with bald, afro, and cesar haircuts???


isnt it possible to get cornrows with a goatee? if anybody has a mod for it let me know.

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You're right biggrin.gif.

It's only available with those haircuts.

Here's a list of all available haircuts.


Cesar & Goatee


Cesar & 'Stash

Afro & Goatee

Cesar & Beard


Afro & 'Stash

Afro & Beard

Jheri Curl

High Fade


High Fade


Pink Mowhawk

Pink Hair

Blonde Hair

High Afro

Blonde Mowhawk

Blonde Afro



Detail Cut

Groove Cut

Blonde Cornrow

Bald Head

Bald & 'Stash

Bald & Goatee

Bald & Beard

Red Hair

Blue Hair

Green Hair


Mohawk & Beard

Elvis Hair

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