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will GTA sa run?


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i know everyone will laugh but i just wanna make sure.


configuration is

p4 2.26 ghz

256 ddr ram(266 mhz)

onboard intel 845 , 32 mb grafix

(no grafix card)

will this game run on this config??


i am asking this cause GTA VC ran perfectly

without ne prob on this config.


thnx 4 reply.

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How is it even possible for a game to run without a graphics card? I suppose, with built-in drivers it should be able to on that beastly machine..


Why not just buy a top-of-the-line videocard?

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It's onboard meaning I highly doubt you can run the game especially when its only 32MB which isn't supported, the 256MB doesn't help either. SA is a much more demanding game then Vice was so yeah.
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