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Anyone else been able to get Mista G's34FordHotrod


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yeah has anone else been able to get this car working ingame.



user posted image



i like the look of it alot and im trying to replace the hotknife but with no avail. i have looked over everything for it and it seems to be in order but it just dosnt wanna work. the thing wont spawn no matter how hard i try to get it too.


im just wondering if it might be the fact you cant replace the hotknife or what. sounds wired that you cant replace the car but im just wonderong if anyone else has had this problem with the hotknife even. this car is supposed to replace the hustler but i think it would look better as the hotring.


if a car is made to replace a specific car dos that mean it cant replace any other car then? i figure its haveing problems do to the special suspention of the hotknife and the fact the hustler dosnt have the same suspention. so the dummie set up and hierarchy are diffrent and if that so i wish he would have out fitted it for the hotknife instead.


any onfo would be helpful thanks.


Mista G has a double pack of the same hotrod and another. the some one dos replace the the hotknife for sure but it has the same problems too. it just wont show up.


i think all he did with the double pack was just replace the dff and txd names and didnt set up the dummies and hierarchy for the hotknife at all.


i dont know its just my best guess though i might be wrong. if anyone knows please say so and or have had problems and know a fix for it please inform me. thanks





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Hi, I'm the one who made the double hotrod pack from the original's by MrG,

The cars can replace anything as long as you change both the vehicle.ide and the complete handling lines, this mod has been installed over a 100 times on different sites and the problem didn't occur to my knowledge.


maybe try to download the file again and reinstall and as I said in the other topic try a spawning tool


hope you get it solved


by the way, that car is supposed to replace the hotknife, the other mod hasn't got the outside motor


try my download for the hotrods from here


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Omg, that car ownz, i love it! im gonna marry it!


5 trillion cookie.gif to have made that, awesome job!!!!!

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