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Can anyone give me hints/tips on how to beat this mission? I just started the game so that means I'm on the first island.

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1. Practice, practice, practice


2. Do it on the east island and use the north hospital, Vice Point I believe is the name.

This will keep many of the pick-ups on the bench which is both good and bad. Good because there are no streets or traffic to worry about, but bad because of the uneven surface so it can be easy to roll the ambulance.

Note: while that north hospital seems like it has basicly 1 way in and out, but there is a second on the north side of the hospital that you can use to get the ambulance in...I wouldn't use it as an exit.


3. Take you time and plan your route. As soon as you complete a level, pause the game and look at the map and see where they all at. Plan a route that will get you to each one as fast as possible without having to drive all over the place. Remember you can collect 3 people at one time, but this doesn't mean you have to collect 3 people each time, so times just getting 1 or 2 because of where they are at is better than trying to get a third.


4. Use the short cuts. You don't have to stick to the streets; cut through the alleys, use the side walks.


5. As soon as they get the door open start to drive forward but some what slowly. They will get in even though you are driving. Once they are about half way in, hit the gas and get to the next pick up.


6. Stop as close as possible to the pick up, without running them over or knocking them down. If you kill them the mission is over, and if you knock them down then you'll lose a few seconds waiting for them to get up and get in the ambulance.

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