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Horror Movie Characters Request


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hello, i would like the following characters to be made from a ped and able to be downloaded and used as a ped and not main character(carl Johnson).


Jason Voorhees: outfit,mask,weapons,ect; from friday the 13th part 6 jason lives.

drk green coverall with blood and paintball marks. belt with hunting knife and machete. mask with mud and blood marks with the cut in the top left corner of the mask. make bloody and muggy(dirty)marks on coveralls,hunting knife,machete,mask,ect.


Leatherface: from the tcm(texas chainsaw massacre) part 2.


dark blue suit with red and white tie with bloody and dirty spots on the suit and tie. mask should look like old and rotten skin sewed together and with a little bit of blood on it. the chainsaw should be orange and black like his in the tcm part 2, ect.


both peds should mean and want to kill whoever they see and make them spawn in diffrent places, not just in the same place.


i want jason to spawn in the following locations.


shady creeks/cabin 00:00-3:00 and 12:00-15:00.


leatherface should spawn in the following locations.


the panopticon 16:00-5:00.



thanks and i hope it turns out good, sethman210.

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I read on some forum someone was trying to make a serial killer peds mod. and they talked about jason leather face and other cool movie monsters i dont know if anything ever came of it tho

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ive read that somewere before too, but they kept arguing and decied to not do that, well thats what i heard anyways, but i think there going to do scream and another one, i think it was chucky, not sure thought, but if u know how to create clothes and masks and stuff like that for peds like jason and leatherface then tell me how and what to use to do that and ill do it myself, i dont mean this in a bad way kungfujebus i just mean i would at least like to help with my own request but if u could id like someone else to do it for plp who want all of the myths of leatherface and jason voorhees on san andreas to come true ok guys.


thanks, sethman210

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