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GTA a spin off from the old Road Warrior game?


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Hey everyone - whats up!

The other day I was cleaning out my office cabinets and found 2 old video game cds. One was called "Quarrantine" and the other "Road Warrior" by Gametek. As I looked at the two cds I couldn't help wondering if "TakeTwo" and "Rockstar" had copied the ideas from these original games and incorporated it into the now GTA series. It's amazing how close these game are in content and subject manner. Mind you, these two games came out in 1994. I ran it on an old windows 95 system.


So I did some research and found this short article.


GameTek (GameTek, Inc.) was a leading UK video game developer and publisher, perhaps best known for such games as Frontier: Elite 2 and Humans. They also made numerous computerized versions of television shows such as Wheel of Fortune, Hollywood Squares, Jeopardy and American Gladiators.


GameTek filed for Chapter 11 in 1997, but closed down for good in July 1998. Some of the company's assets were acquired by Take 2 Interactive in 1997.




I would like to know if any of you guys have any information on the origins of Take2 and If I am correct in my assumptions.

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I found this review here: Quarantine II: Road Warrior


Based on that review, I can spot some obvious similarities. For example, both games take place in various make believe city areas. Driving a car is one of the main themes of the game. Both games are shooters and have gangs as enemies. Also, in-game currency is used in exchange for weapon and vehicle upgrades. You have an in-game map to navigate your way around the city. Last, the game is split up into a series of missions where you drive around and kill people. I have to say, D'arteest, this is an interesting bit of history. I have never played Quarantine. It would be nice if R* somehow managed to offer it free of charge at their classic games website.


-Natedogg devil.gif

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erm...i don't remember gta looking like this

user posted image

That's what i got when i typed Quarantine II: Road Warrior

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