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Trouble editing ingame textures


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I have recently just started editing things in GTA SA. I started by changing textures for billboards etc, but I decided that I wanted to start importing textures of real buildings into the game, startingwith Subway sandwichs, this was going to replace the R* Substandard stores.

I used exactly the same method as I did for the billboards, I found the file in the GTA3.img file using imgtool, I extracted it, used Txtworkshop to extract the texture I wanted as a BMP, edited and saved it, then I imported the saved image into the texture file and saved it, and then replaced it in the GTA3.img file.

When opening the map using mapviewer the new textures work fine and are visable, but when I load the game up the whole of that texture file does not load.

I have read through quite a few tutorials and I cannot seem to figure out what I am doing wrong. Can anyone help shine some light on this for me?

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I have managed to get some screenshots of what is actually happening.

This first image is the game running before I have made any changes, and as you can see the substandard store loads fine.

user posted image

This next image is of Map Viewer once I have made the changes, and as you can see the changes I have made load up.

user posted image

This last image is of the game running again, but this time after the changes have been made. As you can see it is like the game refuses to load the whole texture file as it's not just the substandard store that has no texture.

user posted image

Does anybody know why the game is doing this as it doesn't do it for every texture i change?


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I have started editing the Burger Shots and I have starting getting this problem again.

I am using the same method as explained in the original post but some of the Buger Shots are loading with the new textures and others are not.

Has anyone figured out why this is?

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Track down the object again in Map Viewer, get the dff name, export it from the img, always use SPARK when editing the img in such a way (for various good reasons), Drag and drop the dff in, then the TXD.


What you are seeing is the LOD model, your up-close model is not loading. Just a guess here, if you stood there and ran around for a while, or saved nearby and reloaded, it would eventually show. It is probably just being put on the back burner because of the struggle to draw it jumping around the img so many times for just one model (dff, then col, then txd. The col is most likely in a collision archive, so it gets loaded in a huge chunk.)


Did this help your problem?

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I downloaded SPARK and tracked down the files i needed and it is still doing the same thing.


Stupid question when you say drag and drop them in, where am I suppose to be dragging and dropping them into?

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