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I've made a new bfinject model.


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My car's wheels are offset from the dummies and they appear to be inverted in way of position. It's hard to explain. It is the wrong way round too. It goes backwards. Because of these errors it's incomplete. It's the first car model i've made. I would really appreciate it if somebody who is pro at this would download this file and take a look / fix it for me and tell me what i'm doing wrong.


zip archive of related files


(also my msn is [email protected] add me if you can help)


This is one of the features of my Stunt Magic mod for VC.

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The axis on your wheels are in the wrong place. The axis is where the wheels rotate from.

user posted image


You need to center it on the wheel model (for every wheel on the car), like this

user posted image


To do this is very simple. Go to Display -> Center Axis, and then left click on object (wheel) that you want to center the axis on.

user posted image

If above image doesn't work


then make sure they're still lined up with the dummies. if your whole car is facing the wrong direction, try rotating it 180 degrees.

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Getting answers around here is normally really difficult. Thank you so much!!! biggrin.gif
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