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Stunters, read this.


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I need some high res or detailed gta stunting screenshots/pics.

It's for a banner I'm making for the 'ECT Topic'.

Thx in advance wink.gif.



A tanker doing a stunt, while in the air would be awesome. (if possible on the highway with some cars around blowing up wow.gif)

I would do it myself if I had a pc that could run SA at high gfx confused.gif.

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Ty simon, that's pretty good already, better then what I expected smile.gif.

I especially like the second one because it's with trailer.

Anyone else wanna give it a try ?


I made a drawing to show you my idea confused.gif

It must be my sh*ttiest photoshop work ever.

However, if someone can get a screenshot more or less like that, that'd be insane !

A screenshot in that view with a tanker (with trailer) doing a stunt on the highway would be good too.

But not as good as this \ biggrin.gif.

Good luck to all the stunters wink.gif.



user posted image

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