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Strange Map In Lil' Probe Inn


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Sorry if this has benn asked before but i used the search and i did'nt get anywhere. So sorry if so



When exploring the Li' Probe Inn i noticed a map in the back room of west SA, there were marks of Tiera Robana, No Fly Zone, Fallen Tree and some other places, What is it about or is a random map



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I think rahkstar2.gif may have put the map in to start rumours about aliens and such. Thry may have tried to fool people. Or it could be easter eggs. tounge.gif

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They are probably just random points, or places with small easter eggs... there is an identical one in Toreno's house.

Contrary to unpopular belief, the map has NOTHING to do with aliens, ghosts, Bigfoot, etc.


That is all.

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