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No keyboard


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On my desktop, everything was running fine until one day I overloaded the circuit which this computer was connected too. I had to reset the breaker box switch and all that. Problem fixed.

I come back and restart my computer. I get in error in bios that says something along the lines of "Keyboard error". Crap.

So I reset cmos by removing the battery for a bit.

Now I turn the computer back on and it says "CMOS error. Settings incorrect"

I expected that.

But the keyboard is un-responisve. It doesn't do anything. The weird thing is that all three leds on the board are lit. Num lock, cap lock, scroll lock. All green.

The board is wired, and the computer is connected to a quailty battery backup/surge protector.

Any ideas?

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Corrupt driver for your keyboard maybe? Try uninstalling it and then restarting, let windows detect a new driver.

Hard to boot it up if it complains about the fact there is no keyboard (usually you need to press F1 or something to continue). The bios error has nothing to do with Windows.

Try a different keyboard, check the pins of the connector if they are all straight, make sure it isn't in the mouse ps/2 port or you could try an usb keyboard if ps/2 doesn't work (or otherway around).

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