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san fierro photo ops here


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1.next to tower ontop of missionary hill

2.domed tower in avispa country club

3.airplane sign at entrance to easter bay airport

4.clock tower(the face) next to garver bridge

5.east,garver,bridge,between supports

6.spinning X ,zoomer gas station ,easter basin

7.between tanks at shady industries in doherty

8.above tennis court nets in avispa country club

9.west of the domed building at city hall

10.middle of the donut at tuff nut in palisades

11.before the 1st support tower of gant bridge

12.mast on the da nang boat North of san fierro

13.conning tower on submarine in esplanade 'N'

14.one of the kincaid bridge girders on sf side

15.aircraft carrier bridge in easter basin

16.cranberry station above,between train tracks

17.highest point in tower of building in kings

18.next to building,chinatown across trolley stat.

19.top of skyscraper ,kings between flagpoles.

20.sculpture, zombotech building downtown


(i know all 50 but im lazyeeee....zzzz)

you get the picture.

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There are plenty place in the internet where we can get the same information, more complete, organized and many other qualities.



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there are so many of this information in the internet, and by the way this info that u hav is not even good compared to others

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You just wasted your time. There are plenty of more helpful guides with pictures and details on getting there. I doubt anyone would find your guide helpful.
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i know ive got the xbox guide!


im just trying to get a good rep around here okay?


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