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[3ds Max] Texturing


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I have searched all over the net just to try and find out how to simply texture a building and then resize the textures. I have managed to apply a texture to a surface but it is way too big. I just need to know how to be able to resize the texture and move it around on the object.



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Yea,Knife, you use UVW Mapping to face the texture properly against the selected polies, and then go right ahead and add a UVW Unwrap to the stack above uvw mapping. next, Click "edit" in the unwrap parameters that showed up the same time the green lines did. In edit, you place the represented verts where they need to be, and then collapse the stack TO. So you'd right click the stack>collapse to.


You can repeat the process as many tmesw as you want for tweaks wink.gif

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Right, I managed to resize some the texture but if I resize one texture on the model it resizes the others. I am using the box UMV thingy.


Thanks in advance!

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