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Best System for SA.


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Hey, to anyone who want to know the sytem, who run everything with full details with even 10x draw distance mod and run faster and smootly more than any console, i guess, too even fast for GTA SA, It's my new laptop, just got it 5 days ago and i've been playing SA, when i come back from work, Wow! too fast i must confess. This is the specs:


Acer Aspire 1694WLMi.

Intel Pentium M processor 760 Centrino [2.0GHz, 533MHz FSB, 2MB L2 cache]

15.4" WXGA CrystalBrite TFT LCD.


PCI Express with 256MB VRAM. [4 times faster than traditional PCI]

1GB DDR2 [support dual- channel]

Slot loading DVD Dual.

100 GB HDD.


Anybody that got this laptop should come and prove me wrong.

I must confess again, gademn too fast. Thanks

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Not bad for a laptop but compared to a desktop that's sh*t.


Hell my computers better:


3.4 Ghz Intel P4 (yeah it's sh*t but I don't care)

1.5 Gigs of RAM (PC2 3200, 240-pin)

ATI Radeon X800 XL PCI-Express 256MB

Only 80 Gig HDD (ones better than 100GB)

19 Inch LCD from Dell, (f*ck me up the arse I got it for free and it's good)

eh, and my Razer Diamondback mouse,


I guess that explains enough to beat your laptop, but according to your post, your laptop is supposedly the best for the game...(which it isn't)


Oh and wtf, this should be put into this Thread.

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Try searching, or even just browsing the forums before you make a new topic. Chances are someone's already posted a thread where you could post this (Refer to Natedogg's link), rather than us having many topics of the same subject.

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