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Windows dns


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OK, the problem started since i started using the msn messenger troubleshooter located in the options, because the msn wasn't working, so, i started using my internet and everything was working fine, till i noticed that i wasn't able to resolve the host "tecnovm.com" just because it was being resolved to my public ip, but the problem is that it should be resolved to (my linuxbox's ip), it used to be fine because i added the necessary lines in the hosts file located in C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts.


Now, it just doesn't work at all, it's like ignoring the settings of that file, i've tried it all, like restarting the dnscache service (which is the one that reads the hosts file), it doesn't resolve anything in that file, it won't even resolve localhost, it's a pain in the ass, help plz cryani.gif .

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Try this from the command line:



ipconfig /flushdns


that didn't worked, still the same problem confused.gif

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