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Seeing as people are coming out with some good guns lately, wouldnt it be possible to convert the crowbar from area69 into a weapon, or perhaps make a custom one (model)?


It should replace the silver vibrator being as it only spawns in one place.


I think that'd be great, and bring a bit of HL/HL2 to SA, until somebody makes a gordon freeman player model some day. tounge.gif


On second thought it needs to replace a weapon thats "swingable" and that you dont stab with (such as the vibe) so maybe the shovel?

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The crowbar is already in GTA. It just needs to be made into a weapon. The crowbar is used by cathalina to hit CJ's car up.

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I already made the "Double wield guns + skateboard weapon" mod with skateboard replacing cane. Now the skateboard spawns in realistic places (near "Victim" for example), so I think crowbar replacing vibrator instead of cane is a better idea. wink.gif

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