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moderator abuse lol



Those with access have already seen here that ashdexx is willing to take a difference of opinion personally. We also see in the shambles that he's allowed to remain here that he's not ready to let it go.


What's he doing in that last thread? Who could say? It LOOKS as if he was checking my post history and found a way to stab at me, thought that's pure speculation. However he arrived there, we see again that he's not ready to tolerate people having a different opinion than him, resorting to trying to belittle sombody for suggesting an alternative path than he himself would choose. Two of my posts were deleted there under the guise that I was posting off topic. Seeing as how I never commented on a single thing that wasn't already brought up, it boggles the mind how it could be off-topic. More like off-ashdexx, but that's not a crime. I know I'm not the only person to see this because before ashdexx further covered it up, another member posted this:

Suckup != fan, something Demarest has a lot of now days, considering the remarkable amount of people he helps every day. And I couldn't help but to notice the irony; would it not be more logical to suck up to a moderator then it would a regular member?


So you decide to call someone a suckup for liking Demarest, threaten all posts in reply to your statement to be deleted, then go as far as having the last word - without even locking the topic? That's awful ambigious and arrogant of a moderator.

Take personal animosities to PM, don't demand someone who doesn't share your exact opinion not to reply to your last word just because you disagree - despite how wrong you may or may not be, patching or nonpatching is a completely opinionated concept and is hardly worthy of an argument.


Now just to add onto the massive pile of irony in this topic, my personal opinion is to not use the patch for nearly the same reasons most others dont. The shipped SA executable had absolutely no noticable problems; the patch merely limits things and fixes a list of bugs nobody cared about, letalone noticed.


As I stated in one of my deleted posts, ashdexx is an accomplished modder and a moderator on these forums. For that alone, I respect him. That said, I'm not sure who he thinks he is taking karma away from me. Not only am I a highly karma-worthy member, but the 5 twinklies was originally made for me. I've been through enough bullsh*t with a bogus demodding, a bogus banning, no public reparation, restricted posting, stripped privileges, etc. Yet I continue on, helping the community that once forsake me in part because I love the games and I love working with them, helping others with them, encouraging others to rise, etc. Under no circumstances should my karma be altered, let alone as part of one begrudged staffer's personal issue and poor attempt to cover up what was NOT off-topic, but in fact simple disagreement with him. You'll notice that nobody else was effected by this storm.


So I'll have my karma back thank you. Don't worry. I'll still have a begrudged mod watching my every move and some personal vendetta bullsh*t warning to follow me around, so not a total loss for staff hate on the whole. That's assuming this topic survives his totalitarian grip long enough to see the light of day sly.gif

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4.) Post about it in the GTANetwork forum, something designed specifically for topics such as this.


My two cents, stop asking for your karma to be removed. We get the point, you don't care about them. Maybe you should take your own advice and


1) Discuss this with Tank



3) Don't come back here. If it's that much strain on your mental health, I'm fairly sure any doctor would tell you to just walk away and deal with yourself first, and not with "problems" on an internet website.


Point taken. Thanks.

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All I saw in the topic was a block of scm code to swap in a healthy model when entering a sphere placed in a carwash. Last I checked, scm code and car health has f*ck all to do with the particle engine or the collisions detection system which causes cars to get clean or dirty. So even if the scm code did swap in a clean car somehow, the whole dirt system was inherently borked before the patch. Even if the code did clean the car, it's a far cry from a fix, as the cars still wouldn't get clean or dirty by normal means. So, yea, where am I wrong exactly?


And how exactly was this some personal attack against you Dem? You were talking about how useless the patch was before Ashdexx came in. All he did was come in and post that your claim it did nothing was "an ignorant thing to say". Not that you're ignorant, but that the statement was. As in, you know, ignoring things, like, say, the changelog full of stuff it fixes. You are the one who took it all personal and started ranting about your priviliges and whatnot. He even conceeded it's your buisness not to use the patch, but you still had to argue about how right you are. And how it's your right to argue your opinion. After page three, I missed stuff which got deleted, so I dunno what to say about it. Either way, you were the one who made a mountain out of a molehill because someone said you said something dumb. And now you're crying a freakin' river because someone took away a .gif image under your name on the intarweb because they got sick of you bitching about a bloody patch. Three words come to mind; walk it off.


Honestly, if we, the staff, were such the begrudged fascists you make us out to be, then why aren't we tripping over eachother to burn you alive for the countless times in this topic you've called us out for something you felt was a stupid/wrong thing to say? Could it be you're the one with the pent up contempt? Could it be you're the only one so soft and sensitive to get all bent out of shape over someone saying something you said was ignorant? Get over it. Get over yourself. If you want to be treated fairly, quit carrying on like you expect us to grovel at your feet. It's really hard to take a request to be treated like anyone else seriously when it's followed in the same breath by egomaniacal narcissism.


As for your claim in the PM that you'ld have +25 if you were interested. Bitch please. Aside from the two mod's who have +25, there are a grand total of four people who have that many stars. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you'll never contribute to the scene on the level that Steve has. Not even I could do that. I didn't see you withstanding a swarm of media and lawyers attacking you on our collective behalf like Patrick did. I didn't see you hardwiring a dualshock controller to a serial port to bruteforce *all* the cheats from the game like Edisoncarter. And you sure as f*ck aren't Odie. Yea, you're helpful and sh*t, and quite a proficient modder, but to casually say you could be on the level of Odie if you were "interested", and in a way implying it's somehow your right to be, well, it's just f*cking disgusting. Seriously dude. Don't ever speak to me again.

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user posted image

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user posted image

Enough with your useless posts.

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lol internet!


Demarest, it's obvious you need this community more than it "needs" you. Your insane post count more than reflects it. Please acknowledge the fact that while you're helping, you're doing it because you want to, not because it's instrumental to the existence of GTAf. The server won't turn into chicken salad if "justice isn't served". Why the f*ck should people be rewarded for doing sh*t that they were going to do anyway?

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Personally, I'd just like to see you continue modding here regardless.
Yeah. Every time they f*ck me up the ass, they're banking on the fact that A) I can't do anything about it anyways and B) I will continue to do what I enjoy while they milk me for all my productivity and can't be bothered to lighten the f*ck up and go after the real "threats to GTAF" confused.gif Such is life.[/color]

See, this is what bothers me most and I'll get to the point.


If the staff are so bad and this place is milking you for all your productivity while giving nothing in return apart from relentless f*cking of the ass, Then why not pack up and f*ck off back to Gtahell or the Butterfly lovers anonymous forum?


I'll tell you why not, Because you are a drama slut and love nothing better than to be basking in any attention, good or bad. Thing is, Not even illspirit is prepared to put up with you whiney arse drivel anymore and you're fast running out of cling on non entities who cannot see you for what you are due to their heads being crammed so far up your arse.


The karmas gone, I suggest you shape up and read illspirits post (Last 2 paragraphs especially) before you are gone too.





user posted image


Enjoy your temp ban, moron.

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Before I post this I just want to say I have the utmost respect for the mods and admins. I also had respect for a guy I barely knew (Demarest) .... UNTIL THIS THREAD. You are nothing but an egotistical f*ck in my eyes now.



I tell you I contribute, I'm accused of claiming, feeling, whatever like I'm god's gift to the forums.


Had you of said it once and not repeated yourself a thousand times we might have taken it that way. But you went and did it more than 10 times. Before I break down alot of posts and probably get a banning for reiterating what has been told to you many times before, I want to say these 3 things.


1. Get over yourself. You are not God's Gift to the forums nor are you really much of an asset. Without you our mod community might lose a few mods and a hell of alot of posts but it would not be detrimental.


2. Get over the staff conspiracy bullsh*t. You are bitching worse in these 5 pages about staff conspiracy than the whole gang scene did in the topic about deofficilization of The Scorps. And they had more merit.


3. Get over the past. You were banned and brought back. Be happy they let you back in. There are probably alot of other people who have had more unjustfied bannings then yours that are still banned.


Now onto all the instances of ego...



That said, I'm not sure who he thinks he is taking karma away from me.


He is a mod, he is allowed to take and give as he sees fit. You having been on staff should know this.



I've been through enough bullsh*t with a bogus demodding, a bogus banning, no public reparation, restricted posting, stripped privileges, etc. Yet I continue on, helping the community that once forsake me in part because I love the games and I love working with them, helping others with them, encouraging others to rise, etc. Under no circumstances should my karma be altered


You came to GTAForums because you love the game? No way. I don't think there is a single person here who hasn't used the forums for a GTA game at one time or another. People don't just go to a game oriented forum to be on a forum. If they wanted that they would go to an off-topic forum or somewhere else. The chances of them coming here for anything other than GTA search or because they have some friends who recommended them to this site is slim to none.


Don't forget there are 90k+ members not just Demarest.


Karma gets altered all the time from warnings. They can't give you a break just because you are a person who acts like you make the modding community.



Not only am I a highly karma-worthy member, but the 5 twinklies was originally made for me.


And the twinklies mean you have more than 10k posts. A feat of which only 13 out of almost 91k people have achieved. Not only have you surpassed the 10k mark that most are striving for, you have surpassed the 15k mark of which only 4 have done, surpassed the 20k mark which .... only you have done, hell even passed up the 25k mark for sh*ts and giggles. The only person even remotely clost to you is MmMs and he is over 7k posts behind you. Only 24 people on these forums have more posts made than you have posts over the next in line.


If you want to get technical Chunky Lee Chong got banned for spamming and he stills has 6k less posts then you. You should be gone for the same reasons but yet the unfair staff allow you to stay and post away.


You are right, Dem. You deserve much more from these forums then what has been given to you. Your own karma icon, moderation abilities, an unbanning (second chance)? They all mean sh*t when you are Demarest. Hell they should make another icon for people of your caliber. It should be eight spinning stars that flash and spell in order D-E-M-A-R-E-S-T. That's what should be brought out of this thread. The twinklies simply aren't enough anymore.



So I'll have my karma back thank you. Don't worry. I'll still have a begrudged mod watching my every move and some personal vendetta bullsh*t warning to follow me around, so not a total loss for staff hate on the whole.


I got unjustly warned for this topic because of a simple misunderstanding between my post and 40ozFreak but you didn't see me make a topic about it. He might not recall it but I took the issue to PM and it was resolved as a misunderstood post. I didn't get my verbal warning taken away (I don't think it can be) but I didn't complain on the issue anymore than resolving it in private.


Once again I insist you look at the other 90k some members. You are not the only one who gets warned. Nor are you the only one who gets warned unjustly. It isn't the staffs fault they can't look into every matter. I think the people sitting on death row waiting to be executed who haven't commited the crime they are accused of (there are alot more then you think) are alot worse off then you are.


You'll get over it and they'll die. It sounds like a fair trade to me.



That doesn't mean the accounts of GTAF are for staff to wipe their ass with whenever it suits them. I think even you of all people could admit that you understand that I earned and continue to earn each and every last one of them.


You might have earned the 5 karma that you got but with this topic you have earned yourself the Karma Whore icon. Not only did you manage to make a topic asking for karma, you managed to use the word Karma 26 times in 7 posts. 15 of which show up in one single post. You begged for karma back so much that you probably begged for karma more in these 5 pages then anyone else who has got the Karma Whore icon in history.



You should be on staff. I think one of the requisites there is to have negative prejudice for me and marginalize anybody who expresses gratitude for my contributions as a suck up, on my nuts, etc.


Once again you see it necessary to take stabs at the staff as if you alone are their target. I have seen more bannings of other users and discoveries of multiple names followed by bannings, post Demarest's return then I did from February - your return. You are far from their target. Although since you are on your second pitch I would imagine they are keeping an eye on you to make sure your return is just and logical. Just like they did with IMU.



The fact that somebody who's contributed as much as I have is sitting at 3 karma shows there's something very wrong with the karma system.


There are folks that have contributed more and ask to not have the flashy stars. Karma is in no means a way of expressing/judging how much you/someone else has done for the forums. The only I see coming out of this thread if you aren't banned and/or this isn't locked is the karma system being banished as was the warning system.



1, 2, 3... you're right! 2 ARE missing!



Yes and they went away with a verbal warning as did Anuj's and many others. People lose and gain karma daily but they don't make topics about it. Do you still not think you are deserving of the icon you received?



Guess I'm supposed to be impressed that he can take karma from a highly karma-worthy member.


Not only was Karma one of your favorite words but highly karma-worthy member was one of your favorite phrases. There are alot of members who probably deserve karma here as much as you do but don't see it or don't want it. You want it and openly ask for it, thus you get the icon that anyone else in your position would get.



for something I've earned and continue to earn on a daily basis.


So you are saying you do something everyday that is worthy of karma? lol.gif That will be the first and only smiley I use. I have to laugh at the fact you think that you deserve that much of it.



In fact, I didn't comment on ANYBODY's karma worthiness but my own. Say I'm not karma-worthy in the right places and watch as the people laugh their asses off at you. It's really no mystery.


Where should I say it? I mean I could probably link those laughing people to this thread (if they haven't already viewed it) and they would probably have another laugh AT you. They would see how hollow and empty you are that you actually have to whine about losing something that means nothing on an internet forum while making things to improve thier gaming. If you had no karma at all and posted your work it wouldn't make their opinions change on it. Karma does not make them determine how good the mod or whatever will be.



Bottom line: ANY forum willing to mistreat a member that DOES contribute, DOES remain loyal and in turn DOES add to the traffic, quality, etc is clearly not interested in remaining #1


I lied. (Last time I promise) lol.gif Remains loyal? You add to the traffic and quality? Let me laugh again. lol.gif Let me inform you that while correct on both, you are incorrect on the aspect.


Remains loyal? WTF is that supposed to mean? There are alot of people who have been here longer then you. Just because you have never made an "I am leaving topic" and came back?


You do add to the traffic, by adding around 33 PPD. Not by increasing the amount of people coming to the site because of a few things you have done for the huge modding community here at GTAF.


And once again you're right, you do add to the quality. But with your amount of posts and whining topics like this I would say you affect quality more negatively than positively. Having 6k more posts I can't see the majority of your posts being any better constructed then CLC's.



and make this topic to show him that I'm not one to silence. There's nothing to gain from it. I'm one of the people contributing. There are REAL rule breakers here and REAL areas of concern for keeping things in line. You don't pick a topic that's flowing naturally like all the others and dive in disrupting it just to pick a fight with somebody you've got a grudge against. And certainly not me. I'm one of the good guys when they let me be.



And those REAL rule breakers and REAL areas of concern get the same treatment as you did. Your staff conspiracy bullsh*t is getting old. Those REAL rules breakers are probably first timers, you however, are not. Thus the staff tends to watch your steps more then normal. You know what I might as well go about it the Dem way and next time I see a lock on a topic I replied to make a thread about how pissed I am that they disrupted the flow and how they now obviously hold a grudge against me.


Afterall, I am SloStenRacing, the mods and admins who have been placed in their positions for a reason can't f*ck with me. sarcasm.gif (I lied again, sorry)



So you're saying that it's wrong, but not when it applies to me? Give this man a staff position!


See above posts that referred to your staff conspiracy.



While SOME of you have barely ever touched the games, some of us are actually involved what this board is about.


Oh good, f*cking God Dem. When I thought you wouldn't go there you went ahead and topped yourself. These forums are GTA oriented forums but if they wanted it to be nothing but sh*t about the game they would not have the following forums; Genral Chat, Gaming Chat, PC Chat, WD&P, Music Talk, Sports Discussion, Vehicle Talk, Writer's Discussion, or Debates & Discussion. Possibly some of the others would be gone also.


Just scroll back up and read where I explained how people to get to the site to see my opinion on who has/hasn't touched the games or not.



You are unaware of what all staff has done to me simply because it gives them entertainment.


You are not their only puppet as stated by yourself. IMU. That one guy they made a Super Adminastrator before banning him. The staff are allowed to take part in these kind of activities because they have the power. I am sure that while you were on the staff you never took part in any of these types of things with other members. Now that the shoe is on the other foot it sucks, huh?



Much like the rest of my privileges stripped of me over bullsh*t rumors, they're mine, I earned them, I didn't forfeit them. And since it's not going to make a difference either way--by that I mean that sucking dick, begging, using sympathy, whatever isn't going to get them back for me anyways



I made that clear in the title. That means before I typed anything else, I made sure it was painfully obvious that I knew it wouldn't get anywhere. I'm Demarest. That means you point and laugh, you don't listen. Were that not true, the reason for the topic wouldn't have ever even occured.


See my other 15 replies about your karma bitching.



ashdexx stirred the sh*t when he did so just because it was a way to stab at me.


Right! If you are such a staff subject why wasn't The Pit kept open for you?



ashdexx stirred the sh*t when he took karma that admins gave me away over some petty gripe he has with me.


I reiterate my point. Right, If you are such a staff subject why wasn't The Pit kept open for you?



I'm an individual. One who contributes tons. What does it say about a board staff when they're poised to harrass such a member while nobodys that are truly breaking petty rules go unnoticed?


Like I said above. I have seen more people go down since you came back then I saw from February (when I came back) - you came back. I have seen alot of bannings recently. Don't get a hardon thinking the staff has a thing for you and only you.



Instance A: I post a topic on something and I'm throwing a big hissy fit. Nevermind the fact all the injustices that have occured, only focus on the fact that I opened my mouth on it.


Yes since there were so many injustices. You got 2 stars removed. That's it. I hope I am around to see logs of chats if you are ever banned again if you think losing karma stars is the end of the world. I actually wish I would have been here for the first one. Interesting would be the only word I can see describing it.



Instance B: If you support me in any way, you can't possibly be referring to the time I invest helping others, studying the game, modding the game, providing services for others, etc.


There are so many others that do the same thing and probably more than you. Once again being the egotistical prick that you have more than proved yourself to be.



No, you must be a fanboy, a suckup, riding my nuts, what have you. This is exactly the kind of thing I'm talking about. Nobody else has to deal with that.


I think I remember people taking sh*t for riding Anuj's nuts before. Trust me you are not the only one that has a fan club that gets ridiculed.



Why people feel a need to form an opinion on me is beyond me. It's VERY possible for somebody to do their thing while I do mine and we never even have to see one another


And if you stuck to modding (which you make seem like your reason of being here) and didn't worry about other parts of the forum (your precious karma stars that mean dick) then that would be a true statement but you insist on poking your face in the real world by posting this in here. Honestly, if you would have never posted this I would have throught you were dead or re-banned or something. But you insisted and weren't happy with the results of your teary-eyed attempts to get your status symbol back so you took it out on those of us who replied.



Fact remains: It's not required. Maybe staff should instead one time CONSIDER the POSSIBILITY that maybe those who support me understand what I do, what I've been through, or just that I don't deserve to be f*cked with for the sport of it.


Yes you have been through SOOOOO much. That f*cking e-drama can kill you know. If you are referring to real life then I would be more than happy to compare life stories as I am sure I could top you by a mile.



This is getting repetative so I am going to mass these last few things up.



Exactly. To say that, it would imply that karma is indicative of a person's contributions and for me to lose two after all I've done because I disagreed with a mod says it all.



It's clear you guys have special treatment on the menu for me. All the restrictions I didn't earn and none of the recognition I did.



I think that's proof enough it was a personal grudge and he did this simply because he felt he could. And with him getting away with it just means his following me around is justified and he will continue to do it, riding me that much harder, until he fulfills his own prediction on banning me. It only hasn't happened yet (like a lock on this topic) because leaving it all as is is more fun for them.



The question remains: Why? With some areas of the forum in TRUE disorder, with REAL rule breakers and those with nothing better to do than cause trouble, why go after one of the guys making a difference?



Way to reword something you have said 100 times in this thread already. Staff Conspiracy, I want my karma that I deserve because I am a god in the modding community back. Oh by the way did I mention I was a god?


Your going around in circles so much with every reply that you are seriously making me laugh at how ironic the posts are getting. I could probably accurately predict your replies to each of these quotes as fast as you reply to them.




Now for the last two, these are the best ones.



I might be offended, but the help I offer is for people who enjoy GTA. There aren't many of you on staff, are there?


Nope. A majority of the staff on GTAForums haven't been active in a GTA game or enjoy the GTA series. They say f*ck that GTA I just want to show my powers on a forum of 90k people instead of going to IGNBoards and flexing their muscles to 1.25 MILLION people.



Yeah. Every time they f*ck me up the ass, they're banking on the fact that A) I can't do anything about it anyways and B) I will continue to do what I enjoy while they milk me for all my productivity and can't be bothered to lighten the f*ck up and go after the real "threats to GTAF" Such is life.


Like I stated above. They take care of everyone else too. They are not milking you for an productivity at all since you are not detrimental to the survival of GTAForums or it's Modding Community.


Dem you are no more than an ego-tripping psychopath that fears everyone is against him. Spare yourself and move on.


user posted image

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