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Topless Prostitutes

Recommended Posts


This mod changes one of the Prostitutes skins

to a topless Prostitute...


I am currently modding every Prostitute to be topless

But for now one of them is!!


Download It Here!

user posted image

The Image is a bit dark, because i wan in a hurry to get it...


The mod will get better and better depending on how many people request it!

Also... for some reason, depending on what angle you look at her, her boobs tend to change tone sly.gif


But, soon i will be modelling my own to replace so that the Prostitutes look better! (ATM having problems with 3ds max and the models not loading in game/crashing game!)

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gg prostitutes inlove.gif

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still need to do something to the boobs though. it's still like they are wearing something

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yeah i know, it the model, I am working on that now!


I posted a thread somewhere else because I am having problems with 3ds max and modelling (Keeps crashing game)


But soon, I want to model one of the Prosties as a porn star, and skin it etc!

I'm working on the Original Model now, removing the cloaths!

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Old School Hustla

Nice!!! Strip 'em all down! tounge.gif

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I'd strongly recommend starting off with your own, humanoid shaped mesh. The GTA prozzies are, well, I'm unsure how they could make a living.


If you really insist on teh repaints I'd try and yknow, repaint it some wink.gif probably your best bet for learning some actual texturing skills and methods would be www.bobotheseal.com (Bobo = god) as a first stop, but you can find more from thereon.


Cheers rampage_ani.gif

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