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Multiplayer mods


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Whitch is the best one for plaing.I have online Andreas but all i get it when you try to connect to a sever i get sever 6500 timed out..


I saked and it said you need a pass..were or how do yoy get a pass


Or is there somthing else wrong with it..

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The entire network is reserved. Assuming you're not trying to connect to a LAN server, you're supposed to put the server's IP address in it's place.

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Wat are they..



the only one that works for me in the Reloded on and that has Jack all people on it..

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No..wat i mean is that the on sever everyone uses is the one i cant get into..it always say "Timed out".


wat othere online for Sa is there..


The GTAT on starts up the game and the when it gose to have the RockStar logos to come up..The hole game and Program closes to desktop..

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Well i have just downloaded bounce Multiplayer to find that either i don't understand how to use it or it is a bogeus mod. I have established a LAN network with my 2 pcs but when i try to play GTA SA multiplayer with the bounce Client & bounce Server they dont work can someone please give instructions on how to set it up.


Please A.S.A.P.

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