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The First GTA...


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Do you all remember the 1997? When Tomb Raider was the first video game in a fully 3D enviornment, when all were really looking forward for this 3D view and then...what? The first ever GTA is released. Many bash it cuz of the cheap graphics it had, many expected a 3D game...but it was in 2D...many just didn't think this could be a good game.


Well, personally when i played GTA, dunno how to say it, somthing in me changed for ever, the feeling in that game and the ones that went after it is different from all others. You just don't care if the graphics are bad and that it isn't 3D when some are. You just got to love it the way it is. GTA was the first game ever that got me fully satisfied as a video gamer. It's just so unique and the liberty in it is amazing.


I mean if GTA would have been only in 2D i would just love playing it as much as i'm enjoying GTAIII, VC and SA. But obviously since R* (Take2 etc...) won't disappoint their audiance and cuz they are always up-to-date with the latest features they released a fully 3D enviornment.


Did you ever belived with the first GTA that this game would have gone this far? Me personally loved playing the first GTA, and also the ones that came after, i just can't imagine my life without this game. I play GTA, GTA London, GTA 2 till now cuz they're so damn nice and can't really get off me that first experience of the game that would have been great tounge2.gif


The greatest thing about great things is their simplicity.


What's anyone opinion on this?

Edited by gta_maniac
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My friend had bought GTA 1 for PS1 back then.


I tried it and had to have it.


I loved that game. It was cheesy but fun.

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  • 2 weeks later...
BulletProof Punk

I definetly agree! I worked my a$$ for an entire day looking around used gamestores a few months back for GTA director's cut dontgetit.gif ! My original copy was F*ckin' stolen and I hated not having all the games in the series mad.gif . But now I happily play GTA 1 and London now and then to get away from GTA: San andreas, and back to the past. happy.gif

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i havent played GTA1 in ages, but i do remember when it came out and i loved it. it is still definatley the best because it was different. biggrin.gif

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I remember when it first come out on the internet two guys made it,then take two bought the game name of them

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I first saw it on the pc when two lads where playing it and the teacher would always kick them off. So i got the demo version of it for the playstation and just used that till one christmas day i got a playstation and then got gta.


Played it for years

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