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Prison cell gate


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What should be done to slide the prison cell gate open just like in VC? I can't find any object created in the LSPD, does it mean that the gates aren't dynamic objects?

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like in VC

Should've been your first clue. In VC, they moved it with opcode 034E. An odd opcode that simultaneously issued the command to move as well as check if it had reached it's destination yet. Still, first search of that in SA's code shows it being used in a thread called APGATE. In fact, there's an external thread named simply GATES_SCRIPT. So pardon me, but I'm certain you didn't put forth much effort before turning to the community confused.gif

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  • 2 weeks later...
GTASan Andreas CJ Rules

the gates are objects. its used in barbaras room so its classed as a MAJOR object. ive seen it b4. but im gettin kinda tired. 4 hours sleep a night

Edited by GTASan Andreas CJ Rules
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its used in barbaras room so its classed as a MAJOR object.

blink.gif I'm not sure I follow. What's the difference between an object and a major object?

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GTASan Andreas CJ Rules

i dunno but some interior items (cell gate) are in 1 ipl. and they seem to be very important objects to the game. the game is just ingluded in the file so its a major object.


die.gifrahkstar2.gif I WANT MY CASINO BACK!!!!!!!!

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The way you put it would lead people that didn't know much about modding to believe that there are major and minor objects and somehow a difference. I just wanted to set the record straight.
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He means the generic IDE's.


More specifically, as DiCanio stated, the Dynamic and Dynamic2 IDE files.


Many of the files in that IDE have an extra attribute. Well, they all do. From swinging doors to damage.

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