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going to CARWASH

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Demarest is the SH*T


I've been reading thru these forums a LOT trying to find stuff i can use to make dopewars with San Andreas as the front end, and Dem is probly one of THE most helpful and BADASS people ON this forum... I've read MULTIPLE topics where peeps were stumped or trying to figure something out and she comes in and sorts it all out for em..


I agree on the patching also, why fix somethin that aint broke???


IF your machine isn't crashing / having graphics stutters / sound issues, WHY install a patch that fixes those?? Its OBVIOUSLY a fix for issues caused by very specific combinations of either/or OS/Drivers/Hardware configs.. if your config isn't buggy there's no reason to patch

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and your OBVIOUSLY a suckup. but enough offtopic chit chat; the next people who post about my comments, or dem's, regarding the patch, will have their posts deleted. if you feel really offended, shoot the offender a PM and help keep the topic clean. this is not a patch-debate topic.




I'm a global mod dem, i can lock ANY topic forum wide if it gets too far offtopic, or spammed up. how often i may or may not post there is irrelevent (though i do try to limit myself to editing when possible). by your logic, people who post the most in a particular area are exempt from the rules.


the "can of worms" in this topic was opened by R* more than anyone, whose patch enables the ability of cars to be cleaned, or not, which this mod revolves around. discussion of the mod is acceptable, as its the point of the topic. discussion of the patch is moot; the patch is required for a key component of the mod to function correctly.


i wasn't kidding about post deletion. and if the post is re-pposted after i delete it, the offender will be warned.


edit 2: i'm not sure whats so hard about this - dont post offtopic crap, ESPECIALLY if its perpetuating an argument that shouldnt exist in the first place. deleting posts is going to continue for every ninny that furthers the issue in here. bans will be handed out to repeat offenders (people i have to warn multiple times). post on topic, or don't post at all.

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