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Ceasefire Zones?


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I've found the spawn-killing seems to be a problem.


I'm wondering if it would be possible to let server admins define a "Ceasefire" zone in the .ini file so that no firearms, including ones used in drive-bys and weapons attached to aircraft can be fired in the Ceasefire zones, which would generally be used around the spawnpoints to prevent spawnkills.



Two particular examples of where ceasefire zones would be useful that I remember is when:


  • A player was using a minigun on top of a building to spawnkill at a Biker's spawnpoint.


  • A player was preventing team mates from using the Hunters at the army base by shooting them down from on top of the main building with a minigun as soon as anyone entered one, he couldn't be killed by anyone else because friendly fire was off, and when he was killed by an opposing team, he had enough time to respawn and shoot down the hunters again from the Army spawnpoint befor they got away. This went on for several hours.
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Maybe you could with some sort of admin control panel like it detects anyone shooting in the area of ceasefire while anither player is in there then it slaps them taking off 20hp and if it kills htem it also slaps the player to death, I had this on m MTA server at one point,

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tommy vercetti guy

Lol, it wont be a good idea.

Say two guys are fighting each other. One of them nearly has no health left, so he runs to the biker spawn. He stands in the ceasefire zone and now he cant be killed. suicidal.gif


If you get spawnkilled choose another spawn.

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maybe u can b invunerable for about like max 5 seconds so those jerks dont kill u rite away/

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Spawn armour (Australian spelling) is essential in DM/TDM style online games, I suggest VC:MP invests in some. turn.gif


It at least lets you have a look around for enemies before they kill you. If they are really stupid they will shoot you when you have armour and give away thier position devil.gif

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