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Chat System Idea + Map loc.


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My idea is simple, and I think it would make the idea a whole lot better.. unlike some other interface ideas [JOIN DA HOOD].


My pics explain it. I'm sorry for people included in the screen shots, please do not sue me.[Following wer actual events with chat added in]



Chat System





I think it they would benice add-ons.

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The chatbox and its text both seem a little large. In my opinion, the deaths should be changed from purple to something more visible. The green text the admins get is a nice touch.


The map locater, at least for myself, I see no real use for it. As for the PM's though I do like that.

Edited by Inky


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..lol I just used that as an example, of course it would be modified to fit better. but the thing i like the most is bubble like speach over there head, like in runescape, that way you can tell only people you want to tell stuff to.
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its a all good with the bibble if thier is only a cpl...if u play a 15 v 15 game and they all want to say something so a different member it would be chaos...personnaly i think its a waste...a clan pm would be good.../msg clanA go to base!! everyone on team sees, enemys dont angry.gif

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Im saying for the bibble bibble thing, for when your with like 4 people in a room or a car, but clan pm is a good idea. the key binds would be dif for each thing [buble talk=T To all=A Pm=P]orsomething
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i do think bubble talk would be kool...but if it was implemented..the screen would be to squashed with a text box and multi bubbles around the sceen cry.gif

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