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2 Player in PC Version?


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one guy have put in GTAGarage.com one mode to play 2 Player Missions of PS2 in PC Game.



GTAGarage.com - 2 Player Missions



2 Player Missions Play the PS2 2 player missions on PC --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Started on: Aug 10 2005 Author: jarjar Category: Mission Mods » Major Modifications Last Updated: Aug 10 2005 Release/Version: BEAT Works with: San Andreas Views: 3051 Rating:  (1 votes) Status: Complete Type: From Scratch Website:  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------This mod allows you to play the 2 player missions that were in the PS2 version of San Andreas. They were taken out of the PC version because directX couldn't support the format. I have done some work on it so that it you can now play the missions. WARNING: THIS IS A BETA VERSION. THIS MOD IS IN TESTING AT THE MOMENT, IT MAY BUG OR NOT WORK. I TAKE NO RESPONABILITY FOR PROBLEM CAUSED BY THIS MOD. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> How's it work >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> This mod will only work for you if you have 1 or 2 USB controllers for your PC/Laptop. DirectX couldn't support the format because the 2 Player Missions were going to be played with a keyboard. This of course would no work. Because Rockstars Multiplayer format is not able to work for keyboards. But if you use USB controllers (and San Andreas Advanced Control v1.2) you can play the missions. This is because the controllers are supported. A bit of work and you are able to play the 2 Player Missions.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------No files available for download yet.



No have link to download!!!

Have one mode to play 2 guys in one PC?

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You could also try the GTA multiplayer. It's on some site, you can play with your buddy's truh internet

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There's no files to download because the author hasn't added the files yet.
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There's been atleast twelve released (yet un-tested) local 2-player mods released recently, all that didn't work. I think you all should know that it isn't as easy as plugging in a dualshock controller and calling another create_player. The game is hardcoded to always call Cped(0) on controller input functions, so that basically, all of the first player's controller input will effect all other players created afterwards. Edited by jacob.
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Heck with 2 player Co-op on 1 PC.. I would sooner have some 2 Player Hot Coffee action on my bed.


Bring on the Multiplayer already! 2 is fun, 3's a blast.. 100 is a party!

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