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Shooting doesnt allways hurt others


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I played MTA and same thing has also appeared in this mod. Where firing off lots of rounds directly at others dont do any damage but others can shoot me easily and i take the hits and i die. I relise some may use armour but even so i shoot enough times i figure ill kill them but no they simple dont get hurt when i shoot with strong weapons like shotgun, i get better success with a handgun but not always.


So im woundering what is this and how do i fix it? I thought it be a sync issue with guns shooting form one person and another person recieveing the bullits and then registering the hits and then calculating the damage but if others can shoot me easy enough then i dunno.


Anyone else have these issues when shooting?

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So how do you know if there on your team? I mean is there somehow to see on a list who are on which team? And this is mainly me as a cop vs bikers, but some cops do try to kill me and they do hit me and when i retaliate i cant hit them back for some reason.

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if teamkilling disabled, then the person as same skin as you can shoot you as much as they want, punch kick whatever they wish to do to you, you will not take any damage from them.


if teamkilling enabledthey can kill anyone

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Also when i play cop and mate plays biker in a 2 player server on my comp, with default vanillia.ini or whatever its called, then when he is on bike and i shoot with shotgun he doesnt get injured (from my point of view the bar is still full on his health and i dont hit the bike all the time i hit him as i aim for his upper ody/head section.


Also we seem to shoot each other sometimes but the gun fire doesnt hit the other ppl, like i say "hey i shot u 10 times with shotgun why dont u have ur health down" he says i shot u as well 10 times with uzi why arent u dead". Happens often, also with other servers ive experianced.


I mean sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt.


Also sometimes theres a delay when u shoot ppl and 2 seconds later the health bar goes down, so isnt instant.


I know its beta the vc:mp but im just woundering which are the best sync'd weapons and which arnt? So we can shoot better with better sync'd weapons.


Also its weird but cars and bikes take awhile to make them on fire while shooting at someone driving. Like with a shotgun or uzi. Even the fbi machine gun takes a while to get going, not like it takes long in sp. Yes i know its not perfect but im woundering if anyone knows how many shots with shotgun u recon for to make a bike on fire for instance if u shoot it. For example...

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Mostly its lag because the shots don't register. I find it easier for people to kill me probably because I lag less and have the lowest ping in the server most of the time.

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Well my aim is spot on most of the time, my ping is about 40-50 most of the time on my private server with mate, and is about 60-90 on other public server.

Edited by Skeeter
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I can't hurt any1 unless the weapon is attached to a vehicle, like seasparrow.

& I hate that angry.gif

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