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The NEW S**T


Recommended Posts

yeah Im gonna be doing a whole new camo set ta go with these new heads so if ya dont mind waiting there will be one soon, Im trying to get through these heads pretty fast too..

speaking of which heres one for all your pirating needs lol rampage_ani.gif

user posted image

Should look great with the eyepatch lol

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Practise lol.... nah you extract the txd files from the player.img file then extract the images from the txds, edit the images with ya paint program, then do the reverse of what Ive just told ya.


was in a funny mood...

user posted image

Can anbody guess who the inlfuence was LOL.....

user posted image

whos the inlfuence here.... The Crow?? Or is it sombody eles???

user posted image

Nother one lol... this ones for my Full Camo gear Im gonna attempt to skin lol..

Edited by soul_courageous
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god damn man i knew you had greatness in you when i made you part of the team but even this suprises me shoudl work well when certain parts of the mod are finished *wink wink*

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Of you can find me some pics of different camo then Il make one.. Ive got 1 or 2 heads left that I havent skinned yet so Il make anotherone one up for them.. and besides I wasnt gonna do just a green set I was gonna do a Urban one too.. Might changed the dffs for the cop suite too so he wears a swat style setup instead.. dunno tho Im just throwing Ideas around atm.


Thanks for the comments from everyone eles

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Great work man, I should actually start to skin again, instead of just starting and leaving it.... confused.gif . Also for that mohawk one, was the infuence from Alice Cooper possibly? Any way, good work, looking forward to seeing some more from you bud.
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Its Alice copper actualy lol... and Im sorry but I aint releasing this pack.. I loaded them up ingame and Thanks to R*s sh*tty lighting etc they looks F*CKING Aweful.. so Im a gonna redo the lot...

New face

user posted image


Edited by soul_courageous
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BUMPAGE...... Needs ta be done so ppl know that I am workin on some new sh*t.. infact Im almost done think theres just one or two more heads the three torsos (not the clothing torso)... not sure if Il relase it tho I might just send it to my m8s seeing as everybody here is infatuated with the 50cent mod.. anyway heres some teasers for now..

user posted image

This one Ive called GI CJ lol

user posted image

ALICE COOPER inspired NOT the crow lol

user posted image

This one however has the inspirations the crow3,Alice Cooper and hellraiser.. Il let you figure it out lol..

user posted image

Jules from Pulp Fiction.. well Inspired anyway lol...

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hehe I wish...

Ingame pics... just got a few odds n ends ta sort out then I shal release them..

user posted image user posted image user posted image

The car you see in the background in the third image is My own conversion




Here we go its done.. Please let me know what ya think...


Edited by soul_courageous
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Of what?? I aint done vc skins for ages.....

the red bike skin I aint got anymore ask ducati666 for it as it was him I did the skins for

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Hell yeah, you're back! (me too in a way...)

Just saw all your work done while I was gone, nice sh*t.

Looking up to more of you're great sh*t, have a cookie.gif .

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Hey soul_courageous, your Skins look really good. I like them. Actually I'm new here, i just registered, I'm from Germany. But the Skins I saw were great. I also make skins for GTA SA.


Greez Lil'Momo

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Those are some pretty nice skins you got there icon14.gificon14.gif . You should try doing something different like an actual entire suit to replace the gimp suit or something of that sort. A spawn skin for example would look awesome done by someone of your skill level. The current one I have is nice but that's only because it's the only one. You should try that sometime and let me know, I'll definately use that in my game. colgate.gif

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hmm thats very hard ta do on Tommy seeing as and of his meshes are'nt remotly like a skater.. didnt sombody allready do one anyways.. Im going back a few years mind... I havent really got time for doing requests atm.. so.. Ive dug through my Hard drive n dug up some VC skins I did that look sorta skatish for ya.. hope they will do

user posted image user posted image user posted imageuser posted image user posted image

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Just wanted to say I liked your work, especially the Nevada 81's jacket with the full rocker tripatch devil.gif Hells Angels may be a bunch of racist pricks, but it's still a neat jacket... best I've seen yet. Fun as hell to see my black panther of a guy rocking it...


Anyway, I know you're a bit busy for requests right now, but maybe if you have time later, you could do a couple simple things?


1: A Blue Knights club version of the leather or denim jacket inlove.gif


Example Image 1

Example Image 2


2:A good (though I use the term without considering the meth and weapons trafficking and heavy white supremicist movements they are involved in) west coast club, the Gypsy Jokers, with a 1%er patch on the front somewhere.


Example Picture 1

Closeup of Simon (the Joker)

One Percenter patch




Keep on trucking with your big projects, and just consider this a 'Please, if you ever have time' kind of thing.


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